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Memo No. GCL/2019/914     Dated : 13-07-2019  
                          The following committees are constituted for smooth functioning of the college for the session 2019-20. These annual duties will come in to force with immediate effect. Ex-conveners/ Incharges are requested to hand over their charges, if any to the new incumbents. The conveners/ Incharges of various Committees should note down the names of faculty members associated with them. They are requested to invite fresh quotations for the work to be undertaken by them immediately. Concerned may note please.  
1 College Council -cum- Reception Committee :-      
  (i) Sh. Kalu Ram Yadav        
  (ii) Dr. Sukhvir Singh          
  (iii) Dr. Parmod Kumar          
  (iv) Sh. Sujit Kumar          
  (v) Sh. Anil Kumar          
  (VI) Smt. Sonali Saxena          
2 Bursar:-        
  (i) Dr. Sukhvir Singh        
3 Registrar, House Exam,  Internal Assessment , Merit , Minority & Freedom Fighter Scholarship Committee:-  
  (i) Sh. Sujit Kumar (Registrar)        
  (ii) Dr. Virender Kumar (Collection of Arts Assessment )  
  (iii) Mr.Sunil Kumar (Com.) (Collection of Commerce Assessment & Minority & Freedom Fighter Scholarship)
  (iv) Sh. Ramesh Kumar (Merit Scholarship)  
  (v) Mr. Manjeet  ( Science Assessment & Minority & Freedom Fighter Scholarship)  
  (vi) Sh. Maha Singh ( Download BA-I Assessment on University Portal )  
  (vii) Mrs. Kiran ( Download BA-II Assessment on University Portal )  
  (viii) Mrs. Sangeeta  ( Download BA-III Assessment on University Portal )  
  (ix) Mrs. Ritu ( Download Science / Commerce / MA  Assessment on University Portal )
4 Sports Board :- Chairperson- Dr. Sunita Yadav, Principal    
  (i) Sh. Anirudh Incharge        
  (ii) Sh. Vinod (Hindi)          
  (iii) Ms. Sangam          
  (iv) Sh.Ajay Kumar          
  (v) Smt.Meenesh Kumari          
  (vi) Sh.Sunil (Commerce)          
  (vii) Sh. Vinod Maan          
  (viii) Sh. Sandeep          
  (ix) Dr. Ashish Sangwan          
5 Cultural Activities :-     `    
  (i) Mr. Sujit Kumar Incharge        
  (ii) Smt. Sonali Saxena          
  (iii) Sh. Abhita Kumar          
  (iv) Dr. Anju          
  (v) Mrs. Sonu          
  (vi) Ms. Sangam           
  (vii) Dr. Poonam (Hindi)         
  (viii) Mrs. Rajbala          
  (ix) Mrs. Kiran          
  (x) Mrs. Pinki           
  (XI) Mrs. Sushma          
  (xii) Smt. Ritu          
6 Magazine:-          
  (i) Dr. Parmod Kumar   Editor-in-Chief      
  (ii) Mr. Sujit Kumar   Sanskrit Section      
  (iii) Dr. Virender   English Section      
  (iv) Dr. Anju & Sushma   Science Section      
  (v) Sh. Abhita Kumar   Hindi Section      
  (vi) Sh. Dinesh Kumar   Commerce Section    
  (vii) Sh. Anirudh & Sh. Vijay Kumar News Section & Registration of all Activities  
7 Internet & Webportal & B.S.N.L. Broad Band & Biomatric Attendance System Committee:-  
  (i) Mr. Vijay Kumar Incharge        
  (ii) Mr. Maha Singh      
  (iii) Mrs. Sangeeta          
8 Canteen Committee          
  (i) Sh. Sujit Kumar (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Krishan Kumar          
  (iii) Sh. Ajay Kumar          
  (IV) Sh. Sunil (Eng.)          
  (v) Sh. Sunil (Comm.)          
9 (A) Library Grant  & Advisory Committee:-        
  (i) Sh. Sujit Kumar  (Convenor)          
  (ii) Mr. Anil Kumar          
  (iii) Mr.  Vijay Kumar          
9 (B) O.E. Grant/ T. E. Grant Utilisation Committee  :-      
  (i) Sh. Anil Kumar  (Convenor)        
  (ii) Mr.  Krishan Kumar        
  (iii) Smt. Bala Devi          
10 UGC  :-          
  (i) Dr. Parmod Kumar          
  (ii) Dr. Ashok Kumar          
  (iii) Mr. Krishan Kumar          
  (IV) Mr. Rajender Singh          
11 NAAC :-          
  (i) Dr. Parmod Kumar (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh Anil Kumar          
  (iii) Smt. Sonali Saxena          
  (iv) Sh Ramesh Kumar          
  (v) Mr.  Vijay Kumar          
  (vi) Sh. Sunil Eng.          
  (vii) Dr. Ashok Kumar          
  (VIII) Sh. Krishan Kumar          
12 Placement Cell & Carrier Counceling        
  (i) Mr. Rajender Singh (Convenor)        
  (ii) Dr. Ashok Kumar          
  (iii) Sh. Virender (English)          
  (iv) Sh. Manjeet          
13 Women Cell :-          
  (i) Smt. Sonu (Convenor)        
  (ii) Dr.  Rajbala          
  (iii) Smt. Seema ( Geog.)        
  (IV) Smt. Seema (Math)          
14 Club & Subject Societies:-        
  (i) Sh. Sujit Kumar   Coordinator      
  (ii) Dr. Ashok Kumar    Asst. Coordinator    
  (iii) Dr. Virender / Mr. Sunil Kumar English      
  (iv) Mrs. Sonu / Dr.  Poonam/ Mr. Abhita  Hindi      
  (v) Sh. Sujit Kumar   Sanskrit      
  (vi) Smt. Meenesh/ Mrs. Seema Maths       
  (vii) Sh. Anirudh   History      
  (viii) Sh. Sunil Godara /Sh. Vijay Kumar Commerce/ Eco.      
  (ix) Sh. Rajender / Mr. Ramesh Kumar Pol. Sci.      
  (x) Dr. Poonam   Psychology      
  (xi) Sh. Ajay/ Sh. Hari Om Geography      
  (xii) Mrs. Sarita Sociology      
  (xiii) Mrs. Anju/ Miss Sangam Botany/ Zoology      
  (xiv) Mr. Anil Kumar / Mrs. Sonika Physics      
  (xv) Sh. Ramesh Kumar/ Miss Sushma Chemistry      
15 M&S:-          
  (i) Sh. K.R. Yadav (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Ramesh Kumar          
  (iii) Smt. Sonali Saxena          
16 Grant Utilization Committees :-        
  (i) Mr. Anirudh (Convenor)        
  (ii) Mr.Vinod (Hindi)          
  (iii) Smt. Sonali Saxena          
17 Building Committee:-          
  (i) Sh. Kalu Ram Yadav (Convenor)        
  (ii) Dr. Parmod Kumar          
  (iii) Sh. Ramesh Kumar          
18 NSS:-          
(A) Boys Unit          
  (i) Mr. Anirudh (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Vinod (Hindi)          
  (iii) Sh. Sandeep          
(B) Girls Unit          
  (i) Dr. Poonam (Hindi) (Convenor)        
  (ii) Smt. Seema (Geography)        
  (iii) Smt. Seema (Maths.)          
  (iv) Smt. Sangeeta (Math)          
19 Red Cross Society,& Red Ribbion Cell :-      
  (i) Sh. Sujit Kumar (Convenor)        
  (ii) Ms. Suman (Zoology)          
  (iii) Ms. Pinki          
  (iv) Ms. Suman (Hindi)          
  (V)  Sh. Ishwar Lal          
20 Campus Beautification:-        
  (i) Dr. Ashish Sangwan (Convenor)        
  (ii) Mrs. Anju          
  (iii) Sh. Ajay Kumar (Geo.)          
  (iv) Smt. Sangeeta (Math)          
  (V)  Smt. Sushma          
  (vi) Smt. Poonam (Hindi)          
  (Vii) Sh. Rajender Singh          
  (Viii) Sh. Virender Kumar          
21 Time Table:-          
  (i) Dr. Parmod Kumar (Convenor)        
  (ii) Smt. Sonali Saxena Co- Convenor)        
  (iii) Dr Ashok Kumar (Arts)        
  (iv) Mr. Manjeet  ( Science )        
  (V) Mr. Vijay Kumar (Commerce)        
22 Workload          
  (i) Dr. Parmod Kumar (Convenor)        
  (ii) Smt. Sonali Saxena (Arts)        
  (iii) Sh. Anil Kumar ( Science )        
  (iv) Sh. Sunil Godara (Commerce)        
23 SC & BC Welfare Cell:-        
(A) SC Cell:-          
  (i) Mr. Anil Kumar (Nodal Officer)        
  (ii) Sh.Rajender Singh BA-I         
  (iii) Sh. Ramesh (Pol. Sc.) BA-II         
  (iv) Mr Abhita (Hindi) BA-III (Boys) /M.A.       
  (v) Smt. Seema (Maths.) Girls Wing        
  (vi) Sh. Manjeet  B. Sc./ B. Com.        
  (vii)  Mrs. Sangeeta/Mrs. Reetu BA (Comp. Work)        
  (viii) Sh. Naresh Kumar MA/ B. Sc./ Commerce      
  (ix) Mrs. Bala Devi Clerk        
(B) BC Cell:-          
  (i) Sh. Vijay Kumar (Convenor & B. Com.)      
  (ii) Mrs. Rajbala B.A.-I,II, III)        
  (iii) Smt. Suman (Hindi) MA/Commerce/ Science      
  (iv) Vinod Maan (B. Sc.)        
  (v) Sh. Maha Singh Comp. Work        
Note:  Work must be done by the Committee members jointly within stipulated time period  
24 Chief Mentor           
  (i) Sh. K.R. Yadav          
25 Income Tax  :-          
  (i) Dr. Parmod Kumar (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh.Sunil (Commerce)          
  (iii) Sh. Ishwar Lal          
  (iv) Sh. Dinesh Kumar          
  (V) Smt. Bala Devi          
26 Discipline,  Committee :-        
  (i) Sh. Kalu Ram Yadav (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Anirudh          
  (iii) Sh.Rajender Singh          
  (iv) Sh.Ashok Kumar          
  (v) Smt.Poonam Kumari (Psychology)        
  (vi) Sh. Vinod Kumar (Hindi)        
  (vii) Dr. Ashish Sangwan          
  (viii) Sh. Vinod Kumar (Geography)        
  (ix) Sh.Ajay Kumar          
  (x) Smt. Sangeeta (Math)          
27  Anti Sexual Harrassment & Grievances, Anti Ragging Committee  
  (i) Smt. Sonali Saxena (Convenor)        
  (ii) Mr. Sujit Kumar          
  (iii) Sh. Ashok Kumar          
  (iv) Smt.Anju          
  (v) Smt. Sonika          
  (vi) Dr. Poonam (Hindi)          
  (vii) Ms. Neelam Kumari          
  (viii) Smt.Meenesh Kumari          
  (ix) Dr.  Rajbala          
  (x) Smt.Poonam Kumari (Psychology)        
  (xi) Mrs. Seema (Maths.)          
28 Subject Change/ Faculty Change :-        
  (i) Dr. Parmod Kumar (Convenor)        
  (ii) Smt. Sonali Saxena          
  (iii) Smt.Meenesh Kumari          
  (iv) Sh. Ramesh (Pol. Sc.)          
  (V) Sh. Maha Singh          
29 Decoration Committee :-        
  (i) Ms. Poonam (psy.) (Convenor)        
  (ii) Smt.Anju          
  (iii) Ms. Suman (Zoology)          
  (iv) Mrs. Kiran          
  (V) Smt. Meenesh          
  (Vi) Smt. Sangeeta (Math)        
  (Vii) Smt. Sonu (Hindi)          
  (Viii) Smt. Sushma          
30 Refreshment Committee :-        
  (i) Sh.Dinesh Kumar (Convenor)        
  (ii) Smt.Meenesh Kumari          
  (iii) Dr. Ashish Sangwan          
  (iv) Ms. Sonika          
  (v) Ms. Raj Bala          
31 Tent & Mike :-          
  (i) Sh. Anirudh (Convenor)        
  (iii) Sh.Rajender Singh          
  (iv) Sh. Vijay Kumar          
32 Office & Group D Incharge   :-        
  (i) Sh. Krishan Kumar          
33 Court Case Committee :-        
  (i) Dr. Sukhvir Singh  (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Anil Kumar          
  (iii) Sh. Vijay Kumar          
34 Bus Pass :-          
  (i) Mr. Sujit Kumar (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Suresh Kumar (Girls Wing)        
  (iii) Sh Sandeep Kumar          
  (iv) Sh. Sukhbir (Appr.)          
  (v) Sh. Ram Singh          
35 Printing & Invitation Committee :-        
  (i) Sh.Hari Om (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh.Ashok Kumar          
  (iii) Sh. Vinod Maan          
  Note:- This committee will get Inv. Cards/Letter printed, prepare the distribution lists etc  
36 Fee Concession & SAF :-        
  (i) Dr. Umesh Mohan (Convenor)        
  (ii) Dr.Sukhvir Singh          
  (iii) Dr. Parmod Kumar          
  (iv) Sh. Ramesh Kumar          
37 Media & News  Committee        
  (i) Sh Anirudh (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Abhita Kumar          
  (iii) Ms. Neelam Kumari          
  (iv) Sh. Kapil Kumar  (Maintain College News Record)      
38 Alumni Association & Parents Teacher Association :-      
  (i) Sh. Kalu Ram Yadav (Convenor)        
  (ii) Dr.Sukhvir Singh          
  (iii) Sh.Ashok Kumar          
  (iv) Sh. Rajender Singh          
  (v) Sh. Hari Om          
  (vi) Sh. Dinesh Kumar          
  (vii) Sh. Ajay Kumar          
  (viii) Mrs. Sonu          
  (ix) Sh Abhita          
39 Dispensary  Cell :-          
  (i) Dr .Anju (Convenor)        
  (ii) Ms. Sangam          
  (iii) Ms. Suman (Zoology)          
40 Attestation of University Forms :-        
  (i) Sh. Ramesh Kumar          
41 Earn While you Learn :-        
  (i) Dr. Umesh Mohan (Convenor)        
  (ii) Mr. Anil Kumar          
  (iii) Sh. Sunil Kumar (English)        
  (iv) Miss Suman (Hindi)          
42 University Work          
  (i) Dr. Ashish Sangwan (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Maha Singh          
  (iii) Sh. Naresh Kumar          
43 Legal Cell :-          
  (i) Dr. Sukhvir Singh (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Sujit Kumar          
  (iii) Sh. Anil Kumar          
  (iv) Sh Sunil (Data Entry Operator )        
44 Photograph Committee :-        
  (i) Ms Sangam (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Sandeep          
  (iii) Sh Vinod (Hindi)          
  (iv) Sh. Vijay Kumar          
45 Chief Proctor  :-          
  (i) Dr. Umesh Mohan          
46 Guidance & Councelling Committee:-        
  (i) Sh. Rajender Singh (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Abhita Kumar          
  (iii) Smt. Seema (Maths.)          
  (iv) Ms. Sonika          
  (v) Dr. Ashish Sangwan          
47 Road Safety & Awarness Club:-        
  (i) Sh. Anirudh (Convenor)        
  (ii) Dr. Poonam (Hindi)          
  (iii) Sh. Vinod (Hindi)          
  (iv) Sh. Ramesh (Pol. Sc.)          
48  Electricity (Including Generator, A.C. , CCTV Cameras) Committee:-  
  (i) Sh.Hari Om (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Vinod Maan          
  (iii) Sh. Abhita Kumar          
  Note:- Sh. Anil Kumar, Watchman is attached to the committee for manual work.  
49 Boys Tour Committee:-        
  (i) Dr. Sukhvir Singh (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh Anirudh          
  (iii) Sh.Ashok Kumar          
  (iv) Sh. Abhita Kumar          
50 Girls Tour Committee:-        
  (i) Dr. Anju (Convenor)        
  (ii) Ms. Sangam          
  (iii) Smt. Manju          
  (iv) Miss Sangeeta          
  (v) Mrs. Ritu          
51 Smart Class Room Preparation:-        
  (i) Dr. Parmod Kumar (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Anil Kumar          
  (iii) Smt.Anju          
  (iv) Sh. Manjeet          
  (v) Miss Sushma          
  (vi) Sh.Sunil (Commerce)          
  (vii) Sh. Sunil (English)          
  (viii) Sh.Ajay Kumar          
  (ix) Sh.Hari Om          
  (x) Sh. Vinod (Hindi)          
52 Outsource Servicing Committee        
  (i) Sh. Kalu Ram Yadav (Convenor)        
  (ii) Dr. Sukhvir Singh          
  (iii) Sh. Sujit Kumar          
  (iv)  Sh. Anil Kumar          
  (v) Sh. Krishan Kumar          
53 Language Lab Committee:-        
  (i) Mrs. Kiran          
54 RTI:-          
  (i) Dr. Umesh Mohan (SPIO)        
  (ii) Mr. Sunil Kumar (Data Entry operator)        
  (iii) Mrs. Kiran Bala          
55 Student Vote Committee & Student Election & Union Advisory Committee:-  
  (i) Dr. Sukhvir Singh (Convenor)        
  (ii) Dr. Parmod Kumar          
  (iii) Sh.Ashok Kumar          
  (iv) Sh.Rajender Singh          
  (v) Sh. Sandeep          
  (vi) Dr.  Rajbala          
  (vii) Sh. Ramesh (Pol. Sc.)          
  (viii) Dr. Ashish Sangwan          
56 Lecture Shortage & Fine Committee:-        
  (i) Dr. Parmod Kumar (Convenor)        
  (ii) Dr. Ashish Sangwan          
  (iii) Sh. Sunil Kumar          
57 Delapidation Committee:-        
  (i) Sh. Kalu Ram Yadav (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Ishwar Lal          
  (iii) Sh.Rajender Singh          
58 College Property Committee:-        
  (i) Dr. . Ajay Vashist (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Ishwar Lal          
  (iii) Sh. Vinod Maan          
  (iv) Sh. Abhita          
59 Water Supply & Sanitation Committee:-        
  (i) Sh. Ramesh Kumar (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Vinod (Hindi)          
  (iii) Sh.Hari Om          
  (iv) Sh.Rajender Singh          
  Note:- Quotation must be invited wherever necessary for the session 2019-20  
60 I.Q.A.C. Committee :          
  (i) Dr. Sukhvir Singh (Convenor)        
  (ii) Principal          
  (iii) Dr. Umesh Mohan          
  (iv) Sh. Kalu Ram Yadav        
  (v) Dr. Parmod Kumar          
  (vi) Sh. Anil Kumar          
  (vii) Sh. Anirudh Kumar          
  (viii) Sh. Vinod Maan          
  (ix) Smt.Meenesh Kumari          
  (x) Smt. Manju          
  (xi) Sh. Shashi Jain (Social worker)        
  (xii) Sh Prem Soni (Social worker)        
61 Eco Club :          
  (i) Dr. Anju (Convenor)        
  (ii) Ms. Sangam          
  (iii) Ms. Suman (Zoology)          
62 R.U.S.A.          
  (i) Dr. Parmod Kumar (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Anirudh          
  (iii) Sh. Anil Kumar          
  (iv) Sh.Ashok Kumar          
  (v) Dr. Ashish Sangwan          
  (vi) Sh. Virender (English)          
63 A.I.S.H.E.          
  (i) Dr. Parmod Kumar (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Maha Singh          
64 Create Students E-mail ID         
  (i) Ms Sonika (Science)        
  (ii) Sh Ishwar Lal (Commerce)        
  (iii) Mrs.Sangeeta BA-I        
  (iv) Mr. Naresh Kumar BA-II & III        
  (v) Mrs Kiran MA        
  (VII) Sh. Sunil          
65 Notice Typing, E-mail & DHE notice download & press note work   
  (i) Mr. Sunil Kumar ( Data Entry Operator )      
66 Gov. E-Marketing (GEM)        
  (i) Dr. Parmod Kumar (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Anil Kumar          
  (iii) Ms. Sangeeta          
  (iv) Ms. Kiran          
  (v) Mrs. Bala Devi          
67 MIS, PFMS & HRMS          
  (i) Sh. Maha Singh (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Naresh Kumar          
  (iii) Mr. Sunil Kumar (Data Entry Operator)      
68 College Calender          
  (i) Dr. Ashok Kumar (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh. Virender (English) (Even months)        
  (iii) Dr. Ashish Sangwan (Odd Months)        
  (iv) Mrs. Sangeeta (Computer work)        
69 Shiksha Setu & Shreyas        
  (i) Sh. Anil Kumar (Convenor)        
  (ii) Sh.Sunil (Commerce)        
  (iii) Sh. Hari Om (BA-I)        
  (iv) Dr. Ashish Sangwan (BA-II)        
  (v) Sh. Rajender Singh (BA-III)        
  (vi) Sh. Manjeet (Science)        
70 Science Exhibition Committee        
  (i) Sh. Ramesh Kumar (Convenor & Chemistry)      
  (ii) Sh. Anil Kumar & Mrs. Sonika (Physics)      
  (iii) Dr.  Anju (Botany)          
  (iv) Miss Sangam & Mrs. Suman (Zoology)        
  (v) Sh Ajay Kumar & Sh. Hari Om (Geography )      
  (vi) Mrs. Poonam (Psychology)        
  (vii) Sh. Manjeet (Chemistry)        
71 Social Media Champion        
  (i) Ms Sangam