• Nov 17, 2019
  • 15:38 PM
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Subject: Regarding Student Union Election in Universities and Colleges.


In compliance with the directions of the office of the Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. of Haryana Higher Education Department, Chandigarh issued vide letter No.

_18/280-2007 UNP (4) dated 09.10.2018, the election of General Students Council and the Executive Students Council are to be conducted on 17.10.2018.

The schedule of the entire programme of the election process and a copy of the report of the Committee constituted by the State Govt. regarding election of Student Union in

Haryana Universities and Colleges are being forwarded to you to take necessary action in this regard at your end.

The complete election process needs to be carried out strictly as per the schedule of the programme and directions/ instructions of the report must be adhered to in letter and spirit.

It is also stressed here, as directed in the videoconference held on 10.10.2018, the -

Principal will insure that particular locations be earmarked for holding campaign addresses/ speeches etc. and notified. Videography of all such meetings/ speeches be made. CCTV cameras be installed at the main gate of entry of the college and at other strategic locations as well. : It may also be brought to the notice of all concerned that there will be 01 CR from each class irrespective of no. of students/sections in a class.

For the colleges where morning and evening shifts are in practice, it is conveyed that CRs will be elected for each of the class of morning and evening shifts. However, the composition of General Students Council and Executive Students Council will be common for both the shifts.