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Not gold but exuberant youth endowed with unbounded zeal, epic courage and Herculean stamina can make their nation strong. Only sincere, devoted and dutiful youth – our young college students, the reservoirs of limitless capabilities and youthful energies can shape the future of society and the country as a whole. With their grit guts and under proper guidance, they can wage a relentless crusade against various social evils and anti-national forces that are bent on fanning the fire of

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    Adhar Card Seeded (Account Link)

    महाविद्यालय के सभी अनुसूचित छात्रों को सूचित किया जाता है ,जिन छात्रों account आधार कार्ड से सीडेड था,उन छात्रो के खाते में stipend और बुक्स की राशि PFMS के स्कीम द्वारा उनके खाते में ट्रान्सफर कर दी गई है,कुछ छात्रों के अकाउंट आधार सीडेड न होने के कारण उनके खाते में राशि ट्रान्सफर नहीं हुई,वे विधार्थी अपना अकाउंट seeded करवा ले ,इसे अति आवश्यक समझे |

    Aadarsh Student

    Good Mental Health Practices During The Coronavirus Emergency

    Corona Precautions

    Precaution To Keep Coronavirus Blues away

    Income tax B.com-II

    Swyam portal link https://youtu.be/LGsbRv4SZjU

    Income tax B.com-II


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WELCOME TO K.T.Govt.College,Ratia (Fatehabad)

        Khalsa Tricentenary Govt. College, Ratia (Fatehabad) was established in 1999. The college feels honored to have &lsq...

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