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The college students are showing keen interest in sports. The college has the following facility in sports.

  1. Volley ball Ground
  2. Badminton court Grassy
  3. 200 mtr. track
  4. Kho-Kho ground
  5. Table Tennis
  6. Chess

Activities of Session 2015-16

  1. Shashi Ranga of BA-III won 3rd position in JUDO District championship 2015-16 held at Mahavir stadium Hisar.
  2. Participation in KU Inter collegiate Chess championship 2015-16 held at DN college Hisar on 14/9/2015.
  3. Our college students Damini and Shashi boxing players participated in KU boxing championship 2015-16 held at KU Sports complex from 5/10/15 to 8/10/15.
  4. Madhu of Class BA-Ist won 3rd position in KU Inter collegiate Judo championship held at GC Panchkula from 20/10/15 to 21/1015.
  5. Meena of class BA-II won 3rd position in KU Inter college wrestling championship held at CRM Jat college Hisar from 3/11/15 to 6/11/15.
  6. Participation in KU Inter collegiate Taekwondo championship 2015-16 at Arya College Panipat from 23/10/15 to 24/10/15.
  7. Madhu of BA Ist won 3rd position in Haryana judo championship held at Bhim stadium Bhiwani on 14/11/2015.
  8. Participated in KU 53rd Annual Athletic Meet held at KU Sports Complex from 6/11/15 to 9/11/15.

Activities of Session 2016-17

  1. Participated In Inter Collegiate State Wrestling (M & W) championship organized by Govt. College for Education, Ch. Bansi Lal University, Bhiwani from 22/8/2016 to 25/8/2016. Meena of BA 3rd got 2nd Position in the weight category of 48 Kg.
  2. Participated in Inter Collegiate State Judo (M & W) championship organized by Govt. College Hisar from 8/9/2016 to 10/9/2016.
  3. Participated in KU Inter Collegiate Wrestling (M & W) championship 2016-17 held at CRK Jat College Jind from 26/10/2016 to 28/10/2016.
  4. Participated KUK 54th Annual Athletic Meet held at KUK from 8/11/2016 to 10/11/2016.
  5. Trial for the Circle Kabaddi for Inter University team KUK held at SDMM College, Narwana on dated 5/10/2016.
  6. Inter class / Intra class Badminton, Chess, Table Tennis competition were organized in college in the month of October 2016.
  7. 14th Annual Athletic Meet of the college was organized from 3/11/2016 to 4/11/2016. 

Activities of Session 2017-18

  1. National sports celebrated in the college by the dept. of Physical Education on 29.8.2017 following games were organized chess, Badminton, Table Tennis & Judo competition
  2. Participated in Yoga inter college championship GJUS&T, Hisar held at FC College for Women, Hisar on dated 15.9.2017.
  3. 1st Team position in Taekondow inter college GJUS&T Hisar (Two Gold, Two Silver, One Bronze Medal tournament held on 26.9.2017 at GJUS&T, Hisar.
  4. Participated in Badminton Tournament GJUS&T, Hisar dated 26.9.2017 to 28.9.2017 at GJUS&T Hisar.
  5. 2nd Team position in Table-Tennis inter college GJUS&T, Hisar from 27.9.2017 to 28.9.2017 at GJUS&T Hisar.
  6. Participation in Base Ball inter college GJUS&T Hisar.
  7. Participation in inter college Wrestling Championship (GJUS&T, Hisar) held at Mahavir Stadium, Hisar dated 13.10.2017.
  8. Silver Medal in inter college judo championship (GJUS&T Hisar) held on 25.10.2017 at CRM Jat College Hisar.
  9. 3rd Team position in Circle Kabaddi inter college championship  (GJUS&T) Hisar held at Manav Institute, VPO Jevra on dated 28.10.2017. (four girls selected for inter University)
  10. Participated in Inter College Tug of War GJUS&T, Hisar held at GC, Adampur on date 7.11.2017.
  11. 3rd position in National Style Kabaddi Championship GJUS&T Hisar held at GC Hansi dated 8.11.2017.
  12. 15th Annual Athletic Meet organized from 7.11.2017 to 8.11.2017 in the college. Best Athlete Manisha B.A. 2nd 91460241.
  13. 3rd Team position in Wushu inter college championship GJUS&T Hisar  held at GC Hansi dated 6.1.2018 (One Gold Medal, One Silver Medal, Two Bronze Medal)
  14. 1st Position in 50kg weight category in 2nd South Asian Grappling championship 2017 held at Kathmandu, Nepal dated 15th to 17th December, 2017.
  15. Participated in 7th Annual Athletic meet of GJUS&T Hisar held at GJUS&T Hisar from 15.2.2018 to 17.2.2018.
  16. Kumari Bhateri selected for All India inter University held at  M.D.U. Rohtak, B.A. 1st roll no. 1325120269.
  17. Four Player of Circle Kabaddi were selected for All India Inter University
  • Minaxi B.A. 3rd 15162
  • Pinki B.A. 2nd roll no. 289
  • Sunita B.A. 1st 132512137
  • Manisha B.A. 2nd 91460241

Activities of Session 2018-19

  1. Physical Education Department celebrated National Sports day on 29.8.2018 (Birthday of Major Dhayan Chand) on this day several activities of games and sports were organised like Washu, Table Tennis, Chess and track and field activities.
  2. Our National style Kabaddi team got 3rd position in NS Inter collegiate kabaddi championship of G.J.U. S&T Hisar held at CRM Jat College Hisar on 5th & 6th Oct. 2018.
  3. Kumari Priyanka of B.A. 1st Roll no. 2066620144 selected for North zone  interuniversity of NS Kabaddi and she represent participated in this championship                                (Interuniversity) held at M.D.U. Rohtak.
  4. Our College Chess team also got 3rd position in Inter Collegiate Chess Championship of G.J.U. S&T Hisar held at Govt. College Hansi 12&13 Oct. 2018.
  5. Kumari Jyoti of B.Sc. 2nd year CS roll no. 1325320058  selected for North Zone Inter University Chess Championship and she participated in this interuniversity championship held at Noida 16.10.18 to 18.10.18.
  6.  Kumari Urmila B.A. 2nd roll no. 1325120241 and Pooja B.A. 1st roll no. 2066620243 selected for All India Interuniversity of Volley ball (Chitkara Uni.  Shimla in H.P.).
  7.  Kumari Pooja B.A. 2nd roll no. 132512008 she selected for North zone Hand Ball interuniversity of  Hand Ball held at Ranbir Singh Uni. Jind (Haryana) from 2 Nov. to 5th Nov. 2018 Team Position Runner-up.
  8. Kumari Monika of B.A. 2nd roll no. 1325120337 selected for All India interuniversity of Cycling held at Punjabi Uni. Patiala 09.11.18 to 12.11.18
  9. Our Hand ball team got 3rd position in Inter college Hand ball championship of G.J.U. S&T Hisar Dated 26.10.18 to 27.10.18.
  10. In Boxing Inter college championship 2018-19 G.J.U. S&T Hisar on dated 09.01.19 held at Mahavir Stadium Hisar.
  • Bhateri                                 B.A. 2nd                 1325120269                       Bronze Medal
  • Manisha                               B.A. 3rd                  91460241                           Gold Medal
  • Anu                                       B.A. 1st                  2026620326                       Bronze Medal
  • Sunita                                   B.A. 2nd                 1325120154                       Silver Medal
  1.  16th Annual Athletic Meet of the college was organised on 25th & 26th Oct. 2018. Priyanka of B.A. 1st roll no. 2066620144 was declared best Athletic of this meet.
  2. Kumari Nidhi of B.A. 1st roll no. 2066620314 participated in 4th South Asian Grappling Championship 2018-19 on 5-6 January 2019 held at Gomtu (Bhutan) she                              participated in 53 Kg weight category and got 1st (Gold Medal) in this weight category.
  3. 2nd team position in Inter college of circle Kabbadi of GJUS&T Hisar Championship 2018-19 held at CRM College Jat Hisar dated 16.2.2019 team got silver medal                             and trophy.
  4. Priyanka B.A. 1st roll no. 2066620144 selected for All India circle Kabbadi Inter University held at CDLU Sirsa from 6.3.19 to 11.3.19 team got Gold Medal in this All India Inter University.
  5. Pooja B.A. 2nd roll no. 1325120081 selected for All India Inter University Hand Ball held at Jaunpur from 15.2.19 to 20.2.19 team position.
  6. Sapna Verma B.A. 2nd roll no. 1325120127 selected for All India Inter University  in Karate.
  7. Participation in N.S. Kabbadi State Inter College sponsored by DGHE held at N.M. college Fatehabad 25.2.19 to 28.2.19.
  8. Runner-up in Inter college Pencak Silat Inter college Championship of GJUS&T Hisar 2018-19 held at CRM Jat college Hisar on Dated 25.02.19.
  • Gold      - Priya B. A 2ND 1325120148, Sonia B Com 3rd 102160195, Gayatri B Com 2nd 1429620099
  • Silver   - Anu B. A 1ST 2066620326
  • Bronze – Priyanka B. A 1st , 2066620144
  1. Winner of (1st team position ) in Inter college Wushu (W) championship of GJUS&T Hisar 2018-19 held at Mahavir Stadium Hisar on dated 5.3.19.
  • Four Gold Medal -  Bhateri B.A. 2nd, 1325120269, Anu B.A. 1st 2066620326, Sunita B.A. 2nd 1325120154, Priyanka B.A. 1st 2066620144
  • One Silver Medal - Sonia B.Com 3rd 102160195
  • One Bronze Medal - Priya B.A. 2nd 1325120148
  1.  Inter college Taekwondo (W) championsip 2018-19 GJUS&T Hisar held at GJUS&T Hisar held at 28.2.19 team position 2nd
  • Gold Medal:-    Gayatri  B.Com 2nd 1429620099
  • Silver Medal:-    Komal B.A. 3rd ,141, Meenu, B.A. 1st , 2066620156, Sonia, B.Com. 3rd, 102160195,                                                                                                                         Priya, B.A. 2nd, 1325120148, Nisha B.A. 1st 2066620312
  • Bronze Medal :- Rekha, B.A.2nd 1325120112
  1. Meenu B.A. 1st 2066620156 selected for All India Inter University of Taekwondo held at MDU Rohtak from 13 to 18.3.19 .
  2.   Four students selected for All India Inter University Wushu held at Punjab University Chandigarh from 12 to 15.3.19.
  • Bhateri B.A. 2nd roll no. 1325120269 
  • Sunita B.A. 2nd 1325120154                                                                 
  • Anu B.A. 1st 2066620326                                                                       
  • Priyanka  B.A. 1st 2066620144                                                                             

                 She got Bronze Medal in this All India Inter University Wushu Championship.

23. Priya B.A. 2nd roll no. 1325120148 selected for All India Inter University Pencak Silat held at Guru Nanak Dev University Amritshar from 19.3.19 to 22.3.19 She got Bronze Medal in this All India Inter University. 

Activities of Session 2019-20

  1. Organized National Sports day on 29.08.19 and Fit India Movement in the college by Physical Education Deptt. Physical activities were organized like Wrestling, Chess,                     Table Tennis, Discus throw, Shot-put, Javelin throw, long jump and Triple jump.
  2. Reliance foundation college athletics 2019-20 held on 2.9.2019 in Rohtak. Our College students got third position in 1500 mts & second position in 3000 mts.
  3. Silver Medal (2nd Position) in 10 km cross Country, Inter College tournament of GJUST, Hisar on 17.09.2019 at G.J.U Hisar. Rukesh B.A.1st Roll no. 2947920146 got 2nd position in 10 km.
  4. Weight lifting Inter College Championship held on 26-09-19 at GJUST, Hisar. Trial given by two players. Asha MA.1st (Eng) 3654920031 in 75 weight category and                  Anu B.A. 2nd Roll no 2066620326 in 49 weight category.
  5.  Gold Medal Won by Isha B.Com 1st 3049720165 (Point 372 out of 400) in (Pistol) Shooting, Inter College Championship (M&W) held on 03.10.2019 at GJUSTHisar.
  6. Participation in Inter College Handball Championship held at GJUST, Hisar on dated 10.10.19 to 11.10.2019.
  7. Participated in Inter College Kho-Kho Championship of GJUSTHisar held at CRM. Jat College Hisar on 15.10.19 and 16.10.19.
  8. Team Position 3rd in Wrestling Inter College of GJUST, Hisar held at Govt. College, Hisar on 23.10.2019. Jyoti B.A. 1ST 2947920221 won Bronze Medal in 62 kg wt.                             Category and Muskan B.A. 1ST 2947920285 won Bronze Medal in 48 wt. Category.
  9. 3rd Position in Chess Inter College Championship of GJUST, Hisar held at Govt. College Hansi on 23.10.19 and 24.10.19.
  10. Our college students selected for various Inter University games.
  • Rukesh B.A. 1st 2947920146 Participated in All India cross-country Inter-University at Vishakhapatnam
  • Pooja B.A. 3rd , Roll No. 1325120081 selected for Inter University Handball North zone Inter University Handball held at Shimla University (Himachal)                                   from 19.10.19 to 23.10.19
  • Palwinder Selected for North zone Chess Inter University Championship held at Chandigarh University Mohali dated 05.11.19 to 09.11.19 (10th place).
  • Isha B.Com 1st 3049720165 All India Inter University Shooting Manav Rachana University Faridabad (10 mt. Air Pistel) 11.11.2019 to 15.11.19 ( 600-552 Points)
  • Priyanka B.A. 2nd 2066620144 Inter University National Style Kabaddi held at Bhagat Phool Singh University Khanpur (Sonipat) dated 13.11.19 to 17.11.19.
  1. Our college students participated in Khel Mahakumb Haryana 2019.
  • Gold Medal won by Sunita  B.A. 3rd 1325120154 in 56 kg weight category, Game wushu
  • Bronze Medal won by Anu B.A. 2nd 2066620326 in 48 kg. weight Category, Game wushu and  Wrestling.
  • Silver Medal won by  Bhateri 1325120269 B.A. 3rd in 45 kg weight category game wushu
  • Silver Medal won by Monika 1325120233 B.A. 3rd in 60 kg. weight category game wushu.
  1. Our college students participated in State Khel Mahakumb Haryana held at Panipat from 07.11.2019 to 11.11.2019.
  • Silver Medal won by Priya B.A. 3rd 1325120147, in 65 kg weight category game wushu.
  • Sunita B.A. 3rd 1325120154 Participated in State Khel Mahakumb held at Panipat.