• Apr 02, 2020
  • 09:13 AM
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 The Progress Report as on 01.02.2018 of CM Announcement of the Govt. College,Gharaunda is being sent to you. The detail   as per status is given below:

Sr. No.

Work run by PWD

Approval of constructed work/ Sr/ No. of sanction , date and issued amount

Constructed work when started/Target Date

Administrative Approval

Funds Spent


Status of Work


PWD( B& R)

Construction of Science Block sanction no 1/26-2016 Works(2) Dated: 02.03.2017 estimated cost Rs. 402.95 Lacs


402.95 Lacs

157.67 Lacs as on 20.03.2018


Ground floor slab completed  & four labs door frame &window frame completed .Ground floor ramp slab completed.   Ground floor and Ist Floor stair slab completed.  The brick work of first floor is halfly completed.


PWD( B& R)

Special repair for renovation Govt. College, Gharaunda estimated cost of Rs. 119.88 Lac sanctioned vide P S to Govt. Of Haryana ,higher education Haryana letter no 1/6-17 works(2) dt.30/11/17.

Yet to be started by PWD--------------

119.88 Lacs



The letter has written to PWD  for necessary action.


PWD( B& R)

Approval for construction of building of NCC academy has been vide sanction no 4/40-2014 works(2) dated: 02.04.2017 estimated Rs. 56.94 Crores.

Yet to be started by PWD------------------

56.94 Lacs



A letter has been written to Tehsildar,sarpanch village Arainpura, SHO Gharaunda  vide our letter (reminder) no 1177-1179 dt.22/12/17 for  shifting of” peer “ . The surpanch of arainpura village assured the SDM for shifting of Peer . The auction of trees has done, the cutting of trees from the NCC land is in progress.