• Aug 16, 2020
  • 01:07 AM
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Best Practice-I

Title:- Environmental Consciousness

Objective:- To conserve and maintain the natural beauty of

                   the College Campus.

  • To create environmental consciousness among students through awareness drive in the month of July celebrated

as “Van Mahotsav”

Context:- To ensure and create green and clean campus, the students and faculty make efforts to work towards giving back to the environment through eco-friendly practices. Tree Plantation drive is organized through ECO- Club, Forest Department, Nursery and Collaboration with NSS unit in the college. Environmental awareness to understand the fragility of our environment and the importance of its protection. Through the environmental awareness students participate in Tree plantation drive to create a brighter future for next generation students are made aware about the multiple benefits of tree plants.

Practice:- Tree plantation drive is organized in the first week of July every year and also on the occasion of birth anniversary of great personalities through ECO-Club and in collaboration with NSS Department.

 Many parks in the college which are taken care through Beautification committee and hardworking gardeners in the college staff and students donate the plants voluntarily sometimes for successfully organising Tree plantation drive in the college .

Cleanliness drive is organized through NSS Unit and one day camp is organized and Rallies are organized to nearby Village area and made aware to minimum use of plastic.

Evidence of Success :- The college takes pride in creation and maintenance of ECO-friendly campus since the college campus is maintained with the help of students, ECO-Club forest Department, NSS Department and hardworking gardeners. So it is easier to keep the campus clean and green. Students have developed environmental consciousness and love for nature. Due to its geographically location, the college finds immense pride that it has been able to maintain the pristine state of nature in its campus. These are large numbers of trees and lawns which improve the indoor air quality. College has a large number of plants now especially (Aanwla , Guava, Jamun. Neem. Ect.). The beautification Committee in the college is dedicated towards maintaining the  ECO- friendly  environment.  Seasonal fruits are easily available in the campus due to large no. of seasonal trees.

Problems Encountered:- Regular funds are required to maintain the ECO- friendly campus.





Best Practice -II

Title :- Digital Lounge.

Objective of the practice:- Digital Lounge has been set up in the college with the purpose of digital content easily available to students for their study purpose. Another objective was to empower the students to tackle the present challenge and grow holistically instead of traditional study methods. It has been set up for faculty members also for advance learning and research.

Practice:- This faculty is available for teachers as well as students during college hours. Students use these facility for conceptual understanding . Most of the students which were not awarded about the e- digital content and sites ( like digital library, g-mail, Wikipedia and other sites for understanding the conceptual ideas now used this facility very easily.)

 Evidence of success:- Most of the students easily register themselves on the sites which were earlier done by college clerk. Printing facility is also available in digital lounge which is very helpful for students. Students who come from weak background and can not access computer or lap top. This facility provides a great significance and helpful  to these students

Problems encountered:- A large digital lounge is required in the college since large number of students use this digital lounge. For this purpose funds are required to enlarge  its scope.