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Office Order


Memo No:                                                                               Dated:


Sub: Regarding Induction of Orientation Program for new students for Academic Session 2018-19


Reference to the letter No. 27/74-2018 Co (1) dated 4.06.2018 of the Additional Chief Secretary Higher Education Haryana, Panchkula. The Orientation Program for New Students for two days is scheduled as under:

 Day 1: (9.00AM-2.00 PM): Dated: 13.07.2018

-  Principal speech: Students Welcome: Motto, History and reputation of college.

-  Academic Calendar: Smt. Sunita Sandip

-  College Time Table: Ms. Anita Taneja

-   Lesson Plans for Semester: Ms. Anita Taneja,Syllabus: Smt. Sunita Sandip

-   Internal Assement: Mrs. Manju Lata

- Examination/Examination Fees/Absentee Fine/Name Struck of etc: Sh. Ramesh Kumar

  • Mentoring Session: Smt. Garima Mann
  • (documentary or Motivational Talk)
  • Library Facility: Dr. Savita Gautam
  • Discipline: Sh. Krishan Kumar
  • Sexual Harassment Law: Dr.Savita Devi
  • Scholarships: SC Scholarship: Smt.Manju Lata
  • BC Scholarship: Smt. Sushila
  • Merit and other Scholarships: Ms. Anita Taneja
  • College Activities: Any tow Activities by Students: Smt. Sunita Sandip
  • Talent Search Program- Dr. Geeta Goyal
  • NSS: Dr. Gobind Singh
  • Sports: Sh. Krishan Kumar
  • Alumni Associaltion: Sh Krishan Kumar
  • Spoken Tutorial: Smt. Garima Mann
  • Skill Development: Sh. Ramesh Kumar
  • Annual Prize Distribution Function-Dr. Savita Gautam
  • Foundation Booklet: Smt. Sunita Sandip


  • Day 2: (9:00 AM-1:00PM): Dated: 14.07.2018

    - Principal Speech : General discipline and rules or the college

    - Yoga: Sh. Krishan Kumar


    - Women Cell: Smt. Sushila

    - Placement Cell: Dr. Monika Chaudhary

    - Students Grievance Cell: Smt. Sunita Sandip

    - Legal Literacy Cell: Dr. Geeta Goyal

    - Anti Ragging Cell : Sh. Salender Singh

      Clubs :

      Red Cross Club: Dr.  Gobind  Singh  

    - Red Ribbon Club :Mrs. Meena Pannu

    - Road Safety Club: Sh. Ashok Yadav

    - Eco –Club : Smt. Seema

    - EDC: Smt. Sunita Sandip

    - Subject Societies:

  • English Subjects Society: Dr. Monika Chaudhary
  • Hindi :Smt. Saroj
  • Sanskrit :Sh. Salender Singh
  • Political  Science : Dr. Geeta Goyal
  • History : Smt. Sunita Sandip
  • Geography  Smt. Seema
  • Computer Science :Smt. Garima Mann
  • Math :  Sh. Ramesh Kumar
  • Commerce:  Ms. Anita Taneja
  • Introduction about Wi- Fi, Smart Class Rooms, Language Labs, Digital Learning, Edu-Sat: Smt. Garima Mann

    Introduction about Dept/ College Portal, College Facebook Account, Email ID of Students:Smt. Sunita Sandip

    Visit of Students in College Campus: Administrative Block (Principal Office, Office Staff), Computer Labs, Geography Dept/Labs, Girls Common Room, Staff Room, Interactive Board Class Rooms, Class Rooms, Math Lab.

    Commerce Dept. Sports Office, Gym, Language Lab, Edu-Sat.

    College Hall, Library, Sports Ground, Cycle Stand, Lawns and Water Facilities (RO).

    Psychology Lab, History Dept. College New RUSA Building.

           All the faculty members are requested to prepare themselves accordingly for the Orientation of the New Students- TDCI about the College Environment.

Orientation Programme

Report- A two days Orientation Programme was organized in the college on 13.07.2018 and 26.07.2018. On both days the programme was started by welcome Speech of Principal Dr. Indraj Singh. On 13.07.2018 College Academic Calender was notified by Mrs. Sunit Sandip Asso. Prof. History and she also apprise the students about various activities to be organized by the college during the semester. Mrs. Garima Mann in formed the students about Mentor Groups and Mentor- Mentee classes. Library facilities, I-Cards and information about Annual Prize Distribution was given by Dr. Savita Gautam. Sh Ramesh Kumar spoke about the examination /fees/ absentee fine/ name structure-off internal assessment etc. Information about Scholarship SC/BC was given by Dr. Manju Lata. Dr. Geeta Goyal told the students about Cultural Activities to be organized in the college. She encouraged the students to participate in Talent Search Programme, Youth Festival and Mandatory Cultural Programme. Dr. Gobind Singh advised the students to enroll themselves in NSS programme. Sh. Krishan Kumar told students to remain in discipline during the college hours and he emphasised the importance of discipline.  


 2nd Day   Dated 26.07.2018:-

2nd day of Orientation Programme was started by the speech of Principal Dr. Indraj Singh addressing the students. After that Sh. Krishan Kumar, Asso Prof Physical Education delivered a speech on the importance of Yoga. Mrs. Sushila, Women Cell Incharge informed the students about the activities to be organized in the session 2018-19. Mrs. Meena Pannu incharge Red Ribbon Club told the students about the activities related to HIV, Dr. Monika Chaudhary I/C Placement Cell made aware of the Seminars/ Workshop/ Job fair to be organized   under the ageis of Placement Cell. Dr Gobind Singh informed about the Red Cross Club and Sh. Ashok Yadav told about Road Safety Club. Smt Seema I/C Eco Club encouraged the students to maintain environment and plant trees. Dr Geeta Goyal I/C Legal Literacy Cell created awareness about the activities of Legal Literacy Cell. Smt Garima Mann gave introduction to the students about WiFi, Smart Class Rooms, Language Lab, Digital Learning and Eduset Etc.

Mrs. Sunita Sandip, Asso. Prof History told the students about college Portal, College Facebook Account and Student Grievance Cell. She encouraged the students to create their own E-Mail IDs and join the college Facebook.

Sh. Salender Singh I/C Anti- Ragging Cell asked the students not to indulge in Ragging activities.

After that the students and teachers dispersed and students visited the Administrative Block, Principal Office, College Office, Computer, Geography, Psychology, Math Lab, Staff Room, Smart Class Rooms, Library, College Hall, Sports Ground, History Deptt., and Cycle Stand etc.