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NCC Girls Army Wing

Incharge/s:  Dr. Sneh Lata

Mobile No: 9416575588


Report Year/ Session: 2017-18

Activities Conducted


  1. 15 Cadets are enrolled for the session 2017-2018 on 07 Sept 2017.
  2. 28 Cadets participated in “ Swatch Bharat Campaign” on 02 Oct 2017.
  3. Cdt. Priyanka attended pre RDC Selection camp from 03 oct 2017 to 13 oct 2017 at Rohtak.
  4. Cdt. Suraksha participated in Para Basic Selection Camp held at NCC Academy Ropar on 05 Aug 2017.
  5. 04 Cadets participated in 15 Aug Parade held at Mahabir Stadium, Hisar.
  6. Cdt. Alka, Cdt Nancy, Cdt Bhumika participated in short Film Making Competition at Group level in session 2017-18.
  7. 30 Cadtes has participated in Oath-Ceremony on unity day 30 Oct 2017.
  8. Cadet Alka got 1st Position in public speaking organized at ATC 2017-18.






                                                                                                   Lt. Snehlata










Name of Unit: Legal Literacy

Incharge/s:  Pavitar Mohan

Mobile No: 9416325328


Report Year/ Session: 2016-17

Activities Conducted


The various competition of Declamtion debate, poetic recitation/Essay/ slogan writing/ on the spot painting/Power point presentation/Documentary Film/ Skit wave held under the legal literacy cell, Govt. College Hisar at college/district/Division level. The successful candidates participated in state level function held at G.C. Panchkula. Oorja Paul, a student of B.A. III honor(English) Stood first in Declamation Contest. The students from the division had been outstanding and successful in other events too.





















Name of Unit: NCC Air Wing

In charge/s:  Dr. Govil Jindal

Mobile No: 9991314001


Report Year/ Session: 2017-18

Activities Conducted


     Annual Report Of NCC Air Wing, for the Session 2017-2018

      The motto of NCC is “Unity and Discipline”. In living up to its motto, the NCC strives to bring together the youth hailing from different parts of the country and Moulding them into united, secular and disciplined citizen of the nation. As the regular convention, the session 2017-18 was started by enrollment procedure of 1st year cadets in which 31 cadets (19SD + 12SW) was selected in August, 1017. Cadets brought laurels to this college unit by their achievements in the different camps as below:


  •  3 Final year SW cadets participated in tracking camp (       )
  • CWO Ajit Singh participated in Air Force Attachment Camp (Dudigal).
  • Cadet SGT Sachin kumar participated in Air force Station Attachment Camp (Gawaliar).
  • 17 Cadets participated in 15 August parade (Mahavir Stadium).
  • 6 Cadets participated in PVSC 1st (Ropar,PB).
  • 3 Cadets participated in PVSC 2nd ( Ropar,PB).
  • 2 Cadets participated in PVSC 3rd  ( Ropar,PB).
  • 4 Cadets participated in RD 1st Selected camp (Rohtak)
  • 3 Cadets participated in RD 2nd  Selected camp (Rohtak)
  • 2 Cadets participated in RD 3rd  Selected camp (Rohtak,PB)
  • Cadet Karamjeet participated in Basic Mountaineering Course(NIM Uttarkashi, UK)
  • 15 Cadets Participated in Blood donation Camp on 27 October 2017
  • Swach Bharat Campaein.
  • Road Safety Exam.
  • 2 Cadets has participated in AIVSC (Jodhpur).
  • 28 Cadets has participated in CATC 2018 (DAVPPS Hisar)
  • 3 Cadets has participated in NIC (Ropar).
  • 8 Cadets has participated in “c” Certificate Exam(Rohtak).



                                                                                                            Submitted By:

                                                                                                            Dr. Govil Jindal

                                                                                                           CTO,NCC AIR WING



Report Proforma

Name of Unit: Placement Cell

Incharge: Dr. Ramesh Kumar


Mobile No: 9996615550


Email Address: ramesharya2100@gmail.com

Report Year/ session: 2017-2018


Activities conducted:  The activities of the placement cell are as follows:

  • Conducting extension Talks on the topics like:

“How to launch Your Career”

“What After Gradation”     

“Career Avenues for Science and Commerce Graduates”

“Demonetization and Employment Opportunities”

  • Arranging Industrial Tours.
  • Purchasing of magazines and employment news papers for students
  • Organizing Job Fair.
  • Conducting programs/workshops on resume writing and interview skills.
  • Displaying notices of job requirements in various departments.

Extension Talks and Program

Two Extension Talks of Ms Neha Eron, Program Officer (Employment Office, Hisar) have been conducted as on 06-10-17 on the topic –“National Career Service Scheme” More than 250 Students participated in these talks.

          Two Extension Talks of Prof. Chandi Ram have been conducted as on 12-10-17 on the topic –“Entrepreneurship and Job Avenues in Private Sector”.  More than 200 Students participated in these talks.

          One Extension talk has been conducted to provide detailed information about Prime Minister Skill Development Scheme to the students as on 12-01-18. More than 150 Students participated in this program.

Two Extension Talks of Dr. M. K. Jain, Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of Commerce, Janta College, Charki Dadri on the topic “Career Opportunities for Commerce Graduates” have been conducted as on 23-01-2018. More than 200 Students participated in these talks.

One program on the topic ‘Entrepreneurship Development’ has been conducted as on 02-02-2018 for discussing about Starting of New Business with students. More than 150 Students participated in this program.

One program on the topic ‘Interview’ has been organized as on 10-02-2018 for discussing the Interview Techniques with students. More than 50 Students participated in this program.

Purchasing of Magazines and Employment News Papers for Students

          Carrier 360

          Amar Ujala GK

          Business Today

          Employment News Papers

          The Hindu (News Paper)


          More than 200 students participated in Dr. Subhash Chandra Show in October, 2017 and know about the business ethics in detailed. More than 150 students participated in a seminar organized in Lagan Place on the topic “How to Develop Your Vocabulary” as on 15th October, 2017. More than 70 students will attend the interview of Infosys Technologies Limited at Vidhya College Meerut as on 16th  February,  2018 for the post of Software Engineering.

Job Fair

          Divisional Level Employability Training and Job Fair has been organized w.e.f. 30-10-2017 to 3-11-2017 in college which is sponsored by Directorate of Higher Education, Haryana. Total 485 students from 16 colleges participated in this program. Eight companies with global presence in the market conducted interviews for different designation as per their requirements. We have received some commendable results of the training and the participated companies were able to shortlist 296 students. Up to this time 28 students have been selected in various companies.



Ramesh Kumar                                                                                                                                                                                  Signature