• Aug 14, 2020
  • 19:34 PM
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list of best practices


  1. Mentorship classes are held twice a month on various topics with the objective of making the students aware of their social responsibility to empower them and to develop their personality.
  2. Workshops are organized by the college on to make students aware of various job aspects, to improve their skills and empower then with self defense and first aid training.
  3. Lectures are organized on women empowerment road safety, awareness on cashless transactions cleanliness and health issues.
  4. The college has modern teaching facilities like smart class rooms, poduins, computer lab and language lab.
  5. The needy students are given financial assistance by paying their fees and books.
  6. various e-practices are adopted by college like on-line admission process and e-salary.
  7. The safety of students is taken care of by various safety exists and wide stare case at each corner of the building at different locations of campus.
  8. The college has ramps and separate washrooms for disabled.
  9. The college is environment friendly with five well-maintained gardens, solid waste bin, rain-harvesting project and decomposition system for leaves.
  10. The college has power back up system.