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The Lesson Plan can be downloaded by clicking the concerned button

1. B.A.1st 2nd Sem. Hindi

2. B.A. 2nd 4th Sem. Hindi

3. B. A. 3rd 6th Sem. Hindi

4. B.A. 1st 2nd Sem. Geography

5. B.A. 2nd 4th Sem. Geography

6. B.A. 3rd 6th Sem. Geography

7. B.A. 1st 2nd Sem. Psychology

8. B.A. 2nd 4th Sem. Psychology

9. B.A. 3rd 6th Sem. Psychology

10. B.A. 1st 2nd Sem. Economics

11. B.A. 2nd 4th Sem. Economics

12. B.A. 3rd 6th Sem. Economics

13. B.A. 1st 2nd Sem. Physical Education

14. B.A. 2nd 4th Sem. Physical Education

15. B.A. 3rd 6th Sem. Physical Education

16. B.A. 1st 2nd Sem. Public Administration

17. B.A. 2nd 4th Sem. Public Administration

18. B.A. 3rd 6th Sem. Public Administration

19. B.A. 1st 2nd Sem. Punjabi

20. B.A. 2nd 4th Sem. Punjabi

21. B.A. 3rd 6th Sem. Punjabi

22. B.A. 1st 2nd Sem. Political Science

23. B.A. 2nd 4th Sem. Political Science

24. B.A. 3rd 6th Sem. Political Science

25. B.A. 1st 2nd Sem. History

26. B.A. 2nd 4th Sem. History

27. B.A. 3rd 6th Sem. History

28. B.A. 1st 2nd Sem. Mathematics

29. B.A. 2nd 4th Sem. Mathematics

30. B.A. 1st 2nd Sem. English Text

31. B.A. 2nd 4th Sem. English Text

32. B.A. 3rd 6th Sem. Englsih Text

33. B.A. 1st 2nd Sem. English Composition

34. B.A. 2nd 4th Sem. English Composition

35. B.A. 1st 2nd Sem. English Language Lab.


1.  B.Com. 1st(2nd Sem.) E-Commerce

2. B.Com. 1st(2nd Sem.) Fundalmentals of marketing

3. B.Com. 1st(2nd Sem.)Business Environment in Haryana

4. B.Com. 1st(2nd Sem.)Economics

5. B.Com. 1st(2nd Sem.)Financial Accounting

6. B.Com. 1st(2nd Sem.)Mathematics

7. B.Com. 2nd (4th Sem.) Corporate Accounting

8. B.Com. 2nd (4th Sem.)Business Environment in Haryana

9. B.Com. 2nd (4th Sem.)Business Law II

10. B.Com. 2nd (4th Sem.)Company Law

11.B.Com. 2nd (4th Sem.)Financial Management

12. B.Com. 2nd (4th Sem.)Fundamental of Insurance

13. B.Com. 2nd (4th Sem.)SALE FORCE MANAGEMENT

14. B.Com. 3rd (6th Sem.) Auditing

15. B.Com. 3rd (6th Sem.)INCOME TAX

16. B.Com. 3rd (6th Sem.)Management Accounting

17. B.Com. 3rd(6th Sem.) International Marketing

18. B.Com. 3rd(6th Sem.)Corporate Governance

19. B.Com. 3rd(6th Sem.)Retail Management

20. B.Com. 3rd(6th Sem.)Security market Operations


1. B.Sc(NM) 1st 2nd Sem. Chemistry

2. B.Sc(NM) 1st 2nd Sem. Physics

3. B.Sc(NM) 1st 2nd Sem. Mathematics

4.B.Sc(NM) 1st 2nd Sem. Hindi

5. B.Sc(NM) 2nd 4th Sem. Chemistry

6. B.Sc(NM) 2nd 4th Sem. Physics

7. B.Sc(NM) 2nd 4th Sem. Mathematics

8. B.Sc(NM) 3rd 6th Sem. Chemistry

9. B.Sc(NM) 3rd 6th Sem. Physics

10. B.Sc(NM) 3rd 6th Sem. Mathematics