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Ch. Bansi Lal Govt. College for Women Tosham (Bhiwani)

Programme on Road Safety


In collaboration with Department of Traffic, Govt. College for women Tosham, organized a Traffic awareness program in the college premises for both staff and students highlighting the importance of road safety when they host a Dying Drive. Awareness programme on Road Safety was organized in college on 04/09/2019. All the students and staff take the oath to follow the traffic rules and also aware others for it.

In this Sub inspector, Traffic police, Bhiwani was chief guest. He has delivered a speech on traffic rules and regulation w.r.t. licenses, R.C and uses of helmets and seat belt during driving.

He also told about the new traffic rules which were implemented by govt. of India from 01.09.2019. According to them there is a heavy penalty for breaking the traffic rules. He suggest to use the Traffic guru App to know more about these rules.

A Public awareness rally for road safety was organized by college students and teachers. The motive behind organizing the rally was to develop the student as a national power, to make them think about development, in which road safety plays an important role. The objective of the rally was to bring the students to the traffic road safety information to all the people.

The rally started from the College and ended in the campus of the main roads of Tosham village. At the rally, the students were walking along the slogans while chanting slogans with sarcasm.

The students shouted out the slogans about road safety. It was not only about two wheelers but also for the drivers who drive four wheelers. The students spread awareness about ‘No Horn’ no to keep high car lights on highways and more during the rally.

It was a successful event wherein the students also interacted with the citizens. This event was completed under the leadership of road safety committee of college



A Road Safety Awareness program was organized at our college premises on 28.03.18. The dignitaries who shared the session were Inspector of Police and Traffic Inspector. The session was very useful for students and staff, focusing on the safety measures to be followed while riding.

The program was started by Welcome address which given by Principal Smt. Sunita Devi. The speech delivered by Inspector of Police was very informative and he provoked the undeniable truth that “each one’s safety is in their own hands” as well on the importance of a how precious each one’s life is. He mainly focus on several measures have been undertaken by the students for the safety of the travelers on road:

• Seat belt wearing is an important rule for the people traveling in the front seat of the four wheeled vehicles. Heavy penalties have been levied in certain states for the people who violate the rule. This is a major safety measure taken by the government. The wearing of the seat belt reduces the risk of major injury if accident happens and surveys have proved the fact.

• Two wheeled vehicle drivers have to wear helmets and failing to do so can lead to heavy penalty. Measures are taken by the government for the benefit of the people.

• Use of cell phone while driving is prohibited. But hardly people try to follow the rule sometimes. To prevent this, preventive measures like fine payment has been levied on the citizens who are found driving and talking on the mobile simultaneously.

• Red light jumping and no lane driving is another hazard in maintaining road discipline. This is the reason why the government has taken the measure of penalty payment of red light jumpers.

• Over speeding also leads to punishment and many people end up paying fine for the same. The students were very much enlightened by his motivating speech because at this age we ride for fun.


Road Safety week was celebrated from 08.09.17 in the leadership convener of road safety committee of college with the collaboration of staff members, students and other respected persons from various departments. Principal Smt. Sunita Devi in his welcome speech spoke about the safety measure which reduces the risk of road accidents and road side injury.

Mr. Pawan Kumar, Inspector, Traffic Department, Bhiwani, spoke about the importance of the event and explained about the safety precautions to young drivers of the college. In this session he guided students with various traffic rules and regulations, Police helpline no’s, and answered all the queries of the students related to road accidents and traffic rules.

Dr. MadanLal gave the knowledge about first aid necessary during road accidents. Acc. to him a timely given first aid can save the life of the injured persons during accidents. Advocate Dyanand told about legal advice and rules.

Gyatri stage play group performed the street show based on road safety. With the help of this play they gave the message no drive while drinking, use of helmet during two wheeler driving and don’t use mobile phones during driving.

Maximum number of students and teachers participated with full interest and sincerity towards this menace issue. The program was conducted by Road safety and Red-cross committee under the leadership of Dr. Tejpal Dahiya.


Road safety week was celebrated from 10/11/2016 to next 5 days . Various activities were done in this week by the students. Slogan writing and poster makingand collage making competition was held on road safety theme.

Quiz competition was organized to aware the student about traffic rules.

A rally possession was taken by the students and staff with the banners and posters with slogan on road safety. At the beginning of the rally College Principal Sunita Devi provided guidance to all the students by telling them about the road safety rules. She said that while driving a car seat belt should be worn and helmet while riding a two wheeler.

The event, gave students the chance to witness the consequences of a road traffic collision highlighting the fatal consequences of a road accident to young drivers, the program gave students the opportunity to learn about planning and running community safety events. In his session DSP, Traffic police, Bhiwani guided students with various traffic rules and regulations, Police helpline no’s, and answered all the queries of the students related to road accidents and traffic rules. Maximum number of students and teachers participated.


Road safety committee unit of GCW, Tosham had organized a session on ‘Road Safety Awareness Programme’ on 11th December 2015. Station House officer (SHO) was welcomed by Principal,Vice Principal and all the staff members and the students. The event, gave students the chance to witness the consequences of a road traffic collision highlighting the fatal consequences of a road accident to young drivers, the program gave students the opportunity to learn about planning and running community safety event. On this occasion, Principal addressed all the students. He asked students to avoid rash driving. He appealed all to wear helmet and follow traffic rules while driving. He assured to police on behalf of students that they will extend helping hand to the traffic department whenever required and students will follow traffic rules. SHO, in his address asked the students to follow traffic rules while driving. He shared the statistics of yearly deaths because of road accidents. He appealed students to channelize their energy and avoid keeping themselves occupied with gadgets while driving. He also asked students not be selfish while helping the injured people in road accidents. He further asked all to be a part of solutions and not a problem. He also shared the toll-free Nos. of ambulance, women safety, senior citizen and child abuse etc. He shared his experience of many road accidents which were an eye opener for the students. He also provided knowledge on ‘India vs. USA’ Traffic, ‘Distractions’ etc. His session was interactive and was very informative as well. Programme was concluded with ‘National Anthem’.


In order to create awareness among the students regarding Traffic rules, we conducted the quiz competition on 02/09/14 for the students. The table quiz format covers both road safety and general knowledge. The quiz will consist of 7 rounds of 8 questions plus an extra round on road signs.

Organizing an essay competition among them and rewarding them will ensure that the issues related to road safety are thought over and discussed by them. This will also generate awareness amongst them. Along with the children such a competition is also expected to bring about awareness amongst the parents and teachers.General Rules (Read out these rules to all the teams and audience at the start of the quiz):

1. First answer from the team is final answer. So, consult each other sufficiently before answering for your team

2. The audience is requested not to prompt any answers. Audience will be given an opportunity to answer if the teams fail to do so.

3. The scores will be announced after each Round is completed

4. At the end of the quiz, in case of a tie, one question will be asked as a buzzer round

5. All participants and audience are requested to keep mobile phones in silent mode or switched off.

On this occasion, principal their address, while congratulating the participants who were participating in this pragmatic competition, congratulated them and said that we will continue to provide all possible support to you as our aim is to provide our students Not only to give better education but also to make them moral values ​​and social. In his address, principal also thanked the management committee of GCW, Tosham for organizing such kind of events and said that everyone should follow the traffic rules in mind and not in fear of anyone because if we follow the traffic rules then it is our own Only life is safe and other people can also be saved from harm. All the winners were given a certificate.