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GCW Toshan, Bhiwani

Principal-- Smt Sunita Devi

                                                    Hobby club scheme

"It is supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge"    -Albert Einstein-


          There are two prominent factors that have prompted the C.B.L.U. administration to give structure and operationalize bobby clubs in the institutes of higher education affiliated with this University. First one being very specific is that this region of South Haryana has remained deprived of natural resources. As a result of this, people of this region have remained primarily engaged in struggle for fulfilment of basic needs. This leaving a very limited scope for leisure time activities that could have praved a way for development of inherent talents of the general populace. Now after entering a stage when fulfilment of basic needs is ensured, it will be a step in right direction to create opportunities for holistic development of the students. The second factor that has also been a compelling force to undertake this venture is the realization of the responsibility of the role of an institution of higher education to make all possible efforts to contribute in the evolution of consciousness to a higher stage. Pursuing with perseverance the passions stemming out from inherent of higher learning.

Objectives of the hobby clubs:------

1.  To harness the unique potential of each student to optimum level.

2.  To insulate the students from undesirable influences arising out of the forces of modernisation and technology.

3. To promote patterns of values, belief system and patterns of behaviour enshrined in our culture.

4.  To strengthen the bond between the teacher and taught.

5. To evolve a coherent system of instruction based on the interest, aptitude and abilities of the students.

6.  To make the teaching learning process more students centric and student friendly.

7.  To provide opportunity to the students to add creative contents while building up their career.

8.  To enrich the environment of educational institutions with diverse learning opportunities.

Implementation of Hobby Clubs programme under CBCS system in PG and UG courses:---

In pursuance of the guidelines prescribed by the UGC for making hobby classes as an integral component of curriculum and the special stress laid by the Vice-Chancellor while realizing the need for creating opportunities for developing the inherent potential amongst the students, a special drive is being launched for introduction of hobby classes under the CBCS pattern. The hobby clubs programme will be implemented by the cells at University and College level, constituted specially for this purpose.

*राजकीय महिला महाविद्यालय-तोशाम में-लिट्रेरी क्लब के बारे बच्चों को दिशा-निर्देश देते हुए हिंदी प्राध्यापक शमशेर सिंह*

12 october 2019 को पर्यावरण जागरूकता विषय पर होब्बी क्लब की कक्षा में एक क्विज प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन किया गया----05 अंक लेकर टीम A दूसरे स्थान पर जबकि 15 अंक लेकर प्रथम स्थान पर रही टीम B


*विजेता टीम को पुरस्कार प्रदान करते हुए*


*होब्बी क्लब कुछ गतिविधियां*



छात्र संख्या



M. sc प्रथम वर्ष

लिट्रेरी क्लब/होब्बी क्लब








2. Hobby Class - IT Club

     Class Assign(Group) - B.com (Sem 1)

      Total No of Student - 37

      Topics Covered -

          1. Email Creation.

          2.  Searching Techniques in Google Search Engine.

          3. How to surf Internet effetivel;y and Safely.

          4. About Power Point Presentation.

          5. How to use Social Media

    A quiz is also organized between students of B.Com with the questions related to computer(IT).


Class Assign(Group) - M.Sc. Geog (Sem 2)

      Total No of Student - 36

      Topics -

          1. Email Creation.

          2.  Searching Techniques in Google Search Engine.

          3. How to surf Internet effetivel;y. 

          4. Use Social Media safely