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  • 23:15 PM
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Case study Review Competition dated 06-02-2020

A case study review competition was organized by department of commerce on 06-02-2020, where students were given the case of Maggi crisis management 2014. Near about 100 students participated in the competition. Students were asked to act like a crisis manager and give strategy to handle the situation. Students came out with very good strategy for crisis management. The college principal Smt. Sunitadevi gave prizes to the winner of this competition. The winners were:

1stNisha B.Com. 6thSem

2ndSemma B.Com 6thSem

3rd Tanya B.Com 4thSem


Lohari Celebration dated 13-01-2020

Lohari celebrated on 13-01-2020, under the guidance of worth principal smt.Sunitadevi and with the cooperation of staff members. Students actively participated in the event by showing their talent like singing and dancing.

Diwali Mela dated 23-10-2019

 Diwali mela was organized by the department of commerce. The event started with Maasaraswati prayer. Near about 150 students participated in this event. Students prepared 24 food items with stalls and 13 games were organized for the staff as well as  for the students. Students through the medium of stalls sold various gift items like candles, Deepak, gift items etc.

Entrepreneurship seminar dated 12-10-2019

A seminar on entrepreneurship was organized on 12-10-2019 by the department of commerce where two women entrepreneurs of Tosham (Bhiwani) Ms. Poonamdevi and Ms. Nikki Devi running their own business were called. They discussed their journey of success with the students and also procedure to start their own business. The queries of the students were also handled very efficiently. College Principal Smt. Sunita Devi and Ms. IshaChoudhary along with other commerce staff members were also present there to boost the energy of the students.


Show and Tell Competition dated 26-09-2019

Show and tell competition was organized by Department of commerce on 26-09- 2019 whereby students were supposed to sell products by showing. Near about 30 students participated in this competition. The stage was conducted by B.Com III year student Lalita. Along with Madam Principal Smt. Sunita Devi, the following staff members Sh. Surrender Narwal, Sh. Rajender, Ms. Meenakshi, Ms. Renu and Ms. Nisha were also present. The winners of this competition were:

1stVaishali B.Com II

2nd Naveen B.Com III

3rdKushboo B.Com I

Nisha B.Com III



Inter- Class question answer session dated 25-09-2019

Inter class question answer session was held on 25-09-2019 to enhance overall knowledge of the students. Students from B.Com I, B.Com II and B.Com III participated in this session. The session was head by Departmental Head Ms. IshaChoudhary along with entire commerce staff.


Inter class commercial words antakshari dated 20-09-2019

An inter class antakshri on commercial words was organized for the students of B.Com on 20thsept 2019 under the supervision of department head Ms. IshaChoudhary along with Ms. Meenakshi and Ms. Renu. Students of bcom took this challenge very enthusiastically and it was moreover an brain exercise for the students.


Inter class group discussion on latest trends in business august 2019

An inter class group discussion on the latest trends in business was organized by the department of commerce in august 2019 where about 100 students were present in the class. Students came out very emerging topics in the field of commerce like digital marketing, artificial intelligence, GST etc. and also they have various queries in their mind that are being sorted by the staff of commerce present there.


Introduction session in July 2019

Introduction session was organized by the department of commerce for the new students who took admission in B.Com Ist year in July 2019.  Students were made introduce with their teachers that will be going to teach them various subjects and also they are being introduce with their senior students, college campus and many more. Students were told how to maintain a balance between academic and extracurricular activities.  




Management quotation competition dated 31-01-2019

On 31-01-2019, management quotation competition was organized by the department of commerce where around 90 students took participation. Students presented quotes on management, communication, economics, disaster management and time management etc. This competition was organized under the guidance of Smt. Sunita Devi (Principal) and department head Ms. IshaChoudhary. The judges for this competition were sh. Surrender, sh. Pardeep, ms.Minakshi. The principal gave away the prizes to the winners of this competition and congratulate the. The winners of this event were:

1stNisha, B.Com II

2ndNidhi Mehta and Neha, B.Com II

3rdSarojbala, B.Com II and Isha, B.Com I



Ad Making Competition dated 30-08-2018

Ad making competition was organized on 30-08-2019 under the direction of worthy Principal Smt. Sunita Devi and around 80% of the students from B.Com took participation in this. Since the present era is flooded with advertisements all around and consumers buying decision is dependent on these ads. So students prepared attractive advertisements related to different products like, amul butter, paytm, mobile, handbags etc.Judeges for this event were Ms. IshaChoudhary, Sh. Surrender, Sh. Parddep and Ms. Meenakshi. Winners of this event were:

1stNeetu, B.Com II

2ndNidhi,andPooja, B.Com III

3rd Anita, B.Com III


Farewell party dated 12-04-2018

Farewell party organized by department of commerce for the students of B.Com final year by bcom second and first year . Students perform various types  of dance and sung songs. At this event some students were happy and some had tears in their eyes. College principal addressed the students of final year and gave blessings for their bright future. Miss farewell was irgaised where misspooja got the title of miss farewell. On this occasion ms.Ishachadhurymsminakshi and shripardeepkumar perform the role of judges. On this occasion J.S. Duhan, chandarkant, kanchesh, suman,rajbir,surrender etc. staff members were also present there. The party was wound up by mixed emotions happiness and sadness. The entire staff members wished them good luck for their career.



Beauty tips seminar dated 19-03-2018

On 19th march 2018, beauty tips seminar was organized by department of commerce along with women cell under the supervision of respected principal Smt. SunitaDevi . the speaker for this event were Shri.Vivek, director, oren international, Sh.Pawan(manager), himanshi, sonam, shubham and priyanka. The students were made aware about oren international and the courses offered by them like makeup, hair style, nail art etc. the students were given practical knowledge of nail art. Staff members Ms. IshaChadhaury, Sh. Pardeepkumar and Ms.Meenakshi motivated the students to take part in these kinds of activities.




Quiz competition dated on 15-02-2018

A quiz competition was organized on 15thfeb 2018, where ten teams participated in this quz competition. The quiz competition was divided into eleven different rounds with different subjects like accounting, economics, communication, management, marketing and general knowledge. The role of quiz master  was performed by Sh.surrender, Sh.Pardeep, Ms. Meenkashi and Sh.Rajender. Ms. IshaChadhuary concluded this event by appraising the students and college principal motivated the students and awarded the winners Tanya, yukti and sakshi stood first, manisha, antim and monika stood second and lalita, anuradha stood third.



Review of the movie competition dated on 16-09-2017

Commercial review of the movie competition was organized by department of commerce under the supervision of Dr. J.S Duhan on 16thsept 2017. The participants were given movies entitled dangal, P.K and oh my god for the review. Participants suggested gender discrimination should be removed and women should be more empowered based on dangal and social discrimination should be avoided based on movie P.K and oh my god was suggested by the students on these reviews. Staff members Ms. IshaChadhaury, Sh.Surendersingh, Sh, pardeepkumar and Ms. Meenakshi motivated the students to keep participating in these kind of activities. At the end of the event, the principal distributed the prizes to the winners. The winners for this event were:

1stdiksha,B.Com III

2ndyukti,B.Com II

3rdsangeeta,B.Com II



Ad Making Competition dated 01-09-2017

Ad making competition was organized on 01-09-2017 under the direction of worthy Principal Smt. Sunita Devi and around 90% of the students from B.Com took participation in this. Since the present era is flooded with advertisements all around and consumers buying decision is dependent on these ads. So student’s prepared attractive advertisements related to different products like, milk, pickles, hair oils, face creams etc. Judges for this event were Ms. IshaChoudhary, Sh. Surrender, Sh. Parddep and Ms. Meenakshi. Winners of this event were:

1stsuruchi,B.Com III

2ndanuradha and nidhi,B.Com II

3rdsakshi,B.Com III and radhika ,B.ComII




  • One day seminar

Organized a one day seminar on “Financial Literacy” presided over by Dr. Jagbir Singh, chairman board of school education, Haryana Dr. I.J. Khatter General Manager, Sarv Haryana Gramin Bank   Sh.  SOHAN LAL D.D.M NABARA. SH. KULIT SINGH LDM Bhiwani Sh. S.N. Sharma, Manager, Sarv Haryana Gramin Bank was the main speakers in the said seminar.  Financial literacy is the possession of the set of skill and knowledge that allows and individuals to make informed and effective decision with all of their financial resources. All B.COM students are participated in this competition. The principal of college is “J.S.DUHAN” and also motivates them and distributes the prizes. BENEFITS OF FINANCIAL LITERACY:

  1. the basics of budgeting
  2. understanding in trust rate
  3. prioritizing saving
  4. credit-debit cycle traps
  5. identity theft issues & safety
  • Cooking without fire

 Conducted cooking without fire competition by giving the shape of business showing business tactics’ that is how to make profit under collaboration women cell. All B.COM students are participated in this competition. Recipe was made, like as milk shake, biscuit cake, sandwiches, fruit chaat etc. Judges are DR. VIBHA DUHAN, DR. JYOTI, REENA PANGHAL ,DR. SURRENDER NARWAL and judges are announced the result  . The principal of college was “J.S.DUHAN”  who motivated them and distributed the prizes.                                


















  • Communication skill

PPT to students of B.COM 1ST, B.COM 2ND & B.COM 3RD on the topic “communication skill “on 1st, 2nd & 3rd Feb respectively. With the help of active listening, friendliness, confidence, respect, empathy we could increase of our communication skill.

Developing communication skill is important for both professional and private life learn about what the most important communication skill is and how to improve them.

  • Case study

Case studies applied to students of B.COM 3rd. Case study is a research method involving and up close in –depth and detailed examination of particular case. A case  study on ARVIND SHAH (Dr.)V KAMLABEN KUSHWAHA about services have to be rendered with due care and in accordance with the Law

1 researcher can have control over variables

2 human perform can experiments anyway

  • Time management

Delivered lecture on “TIME MANAGEMENT" to B.COM 2ND year. Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities specially to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity .BENEFITS OF TIME MANAGEMENT:

deliver work on time, provide a better quality work ,more productivity and efficiency, much less procrastination, less stress and anxiety , improve quality of life, more opportunities and career growth


  • Business communication

Conducted various games to understand topics of business communication to B.COM 1ST. These games was so interesting and seniors also participated in this Business communication means to exchange our ideas, thought ,facts, opinions by two or more persons BEEFITS OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION:

  1. financial savings
  2. wider business appeal
  3. increased productivity


  • Advertisement Making Competition

Posters were made by students. Huge amount of efforts were made by students. Unique and creative posters were made by students.Competition was held in the presence of HOD, MR. DALBEER with other staff members, MRS. ISHA CHAUDHRY, MR. PRADEEP, DR. JS DUHAN, MRS. VIBHA, MR. SURENDRA NARWAL and others. MRS. SUNITA DEVI increased student’s confidence by praising them and admiring their efforts.





  • Personality Development

Organized an extension lecture of Dr.SATPAL ARYA, assistant professor, G.C. Bhiwani on Personality Development. Personality development is the relatively end during pattern of the thoughts, feeling and behavior that Distinguish individual for one another. The principal “J.S.DUHAN” and  motivates them.


  • Quiz Contest

A quiz contest was organized by Deppt. Of Commerce and maximum commerce’s students took part in it. Questions related to Business, accounts, finance, Business leaders were asked from students. Students responded it very nicely. They actively took part in quiz. Great efforts were made by them. Mrs. Isha Chaudhry, Mr. Dalbir,Mr.Pardeep and other staff members were present there. The principal Mr. JS Duhan also motivated and appreciated the students.


2014- 2015

  • Group discussion

 On the topic “ENTREPRENEURSHIP” It is the process of designing launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business. The people who create this business are called Entrepreneur. The principal “SUCHITRA” and also motivates them.

  1. it takes hard work
  2. self motivation is key
  3. do not underestimate the power of a mentor
  4. focus on progress , not perfection
  5. you need to keep learning
  • Case study

Case study is organized in the commerce department which is very interested and beneficial for students. In this students gain knowledge and increases level of innovative ideas. Martin Incorporation was involved in the cosmetics and perfume business. The company was following the product concept of marketing and catered only to their existing customers, while paying no attention to the changing needs and demands of the consumer.

A marketing graduate, named Ash, joined the company and advised the company about necessary changes that must be made in the product on the basis of changing taste and preferences of consumers to successfully sell the company`s products.

  • Easy Writing

An essay writing competition was held by commerce department. The topic given to students was “Importance of Commerce in Saving the Environment”; an essay that talks about the possibilities of turning the tides will be a great read. All college’s students took part in the competition actively. Great efforts were made by students to present their thoughts and views. The essays were very catchy and interesting.  Competition was held in the presence of HOD, MR. DALBIR with other staff members, MRS. ISHA CHAUDHRY, MR. PRADEEP, DR. JS DUHAN, MRS. VIBHA and others. MRS. SUCHEETRA increased student’s confidence by praising them and admiring their efforts.

  • Farewell

B.com 2nd year’s students gave farewell to B.com 3rd year’s student.Students enjoyed the party.They were dancing, singing, playing and doing many other interesting activities. POOJA GOYAL was Miss Farewell followed by 1st runner-up Miss VANDANA and 2nd runner up Miss POOJA JANGRA. Principal and other staff members were also present.