• May 29, 2020
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     Govt. College For Women Rewari.

         During Session : 2019-2020

June:-  21 june 2019 N.S.S. Institution Organidhed Yoga day in our college, Mr. Pardeep dagar , Arya ji, who came from 8:00am and organished Yoga premises of the present state school, which included the college staff and celebrated yoga day after doing yoga, people aware about the benefits of yoga and how to stay with yoga gave the message of health. After 10:00 everyone enjoyed Jalebi. N.s.s. P.o. Naveen mam, Anita mam and other staff member’s were present at the event.

JUNE 6:- On this day,  Van Mahotasav was orgnished in our college.

JULY:-  1 JULY 2019 TO 31 JULY 2019 ON this Month “SWATCH BHARAT INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME “  Was Conducted in our College Campus in which every unit :- 1= 23 volunteer’s have participated and unit-2 = 23 volunteer’s and they went to the konsiwas village and Dhaliyawas  made people aware  for the Swatch Bharat Mission.

AUGUST 29:- On August 2019, in the premises of our college, “FIT INDIA” Programme was organished all Vollunteer’s were given the lecture of Prime Minister- Mr. Narender Modi which was run by the city India and he was informed to stay.

February 19-20:- With reference to letter no. 2/7/2020 NSS (2) Panchkula Dated 19-02-2020 the followng activities under Sharmdaan Social Responsibility has organized in February 2020

Activity:- Volunteers of NSS Surved Safai Aabiyan.

                         (POSHAN MONTH)

Nutrition month was organized from 1 september 2019 to 30 september

Govt. College for Women, Rewari  under which many programs were organized . It was flaged off by the Principal in college .

6 September  :-  N.S.S Volunteers organized the rally and tried their best to make people aware .

11 September :Under this program the N.S.S  volunteers went door to door and made the villagers  aware of the health food . To fulfill this task , posters were also put  up on health and food.

13 September :-  (i) From 13 September onwards , 5 N.S.S Volunteers went to the village to make people aware and inform people about many disease , including  the benefits of taking dietary diet and the disadvantages of not taking them.

(ii) On this day slogan and poster making competition held in the college on 13 september.

14 September :-  Mrs. Rohini Aggarwal gave an extension lecture on nutrition .

       She highlighted  about the nutrition and she gave the good advice on our health awareness

18 September:- NSS volunteers  performed nukkar natak and tried to aware villagers. After this play sarpanch of the village addressed the people of village and NSS volunteers.

19 Septmber :- On this day, poster making Competition on topic (Oral Cancer ).

20 September :- Collage making competition was organized in Bal Bhawan. NSS volunteers went there and participated in it. Volunteers tried there level best to aware people about excess nutrition and malnutrition.

25 September :- On 25 September Dr. Anita Mam and Dr. Naveen mam organized Group Discussion in our college.

27 September:- On this day, Extention lecture was organized in college premises on nutrition by Seema mam and Vandana Mam her colleagues. They inspired NSS Volunteers to eat right and pass this message to your locality.

                              ( 1 Sep. 2019 to 30 Sep 2019. )


12 September :- On this day, all N.S.S. Volunters took an oath to make Plastic Free India.

18 September :- On this day slogan and poster making competition  (Plastic Free India) held in the college.

24 September :- N.S.S Volunteers organized the rally and tried their best to make people aware.

26 September :-  On this day, Extention lecture was organized in college (POLYTHENE FREE INDIA) by Seema mam and Vanadana Mam her colleagues. They inspired NSS Volunteers to eat right and pass this message to your locality.

27 September :- On 27 September, The N.S.S. Volunteers along with her teacher’s  went to the village and leased the bags made of cloth to prevent people from using polythene bags.

OCTOBER 2:-   2 OCTOBER 2019, In Our College Organized for “Gandhi Jaynti Prgramme”  those who were Participated in poster- making Competiton and Rangoli Competetion all volunteer’s have participated and was honoured by Principal Sir.

OCTOBER 10:-   ‘Voter’s Day ‘was celebrated on 10 october 2019, in which all volunteer’s participated in Poster- making competition and made Rangoli on “Voter’s Day”


N.S.S. Activities During Session 2018-19 (May 2018 to April 2019)

Govt. College for Women, Rewari

Ms. Naveen Gahlawat and Dr. Anita Rani, Assistant Professors are working as Programme Officers. The main activities organized by the NSS unit during the session 2018-19 are as follows:

  1. Swachch Bharat Internship Scheme (SBIS) was organized in the college under NSS from 01 May-31 July 2018, in which about 40 NSS volunteers participated in this scheme in village Dhaliawas.
  2. One day NSS camp was held on 15-11-2018 in the college campus in which about 60 NSS volunteers actively cleaned the campus.
  3. One day NSS camp was held on 31-01-2019    in the college campus in which about 50 NSS volunteers took part.
  4. 7 day camp was held at GMS Dhaliawas from 27-02-2019 to 05-03-2019 in which Dhaliawas village was adopted. Various activities like Rally, Health checkup, Yoga camp etc were held.
  5. Blood Denotation camp was held jointly under NSS & Red Cross Club of the college on 08-10-2018 and 50 units of blood was donated by the students and staff.
  6. Jaya of B.sc 3rd was adjudged best volunteer in Distt. Rewari & was honored by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Haryana in M.D. University Rohtak  on 27-12-2018.
  7. Neha of B.A 1st was selected to attend State level NSS camp at G.J. University Hissar from 22-03-2019 to 28-03-2019.
  8. Ankita of B.A 2nd was selected to attend NSS camp at Jamia Milia Issamia.    

  • Wearing Red Ribbon by students on Dec. 1,2018.
  • Rallies for awareness on HIV/AIDS.
  • Documentary on teach aids was shown.
  • Poster Making/Painting on HIV/AIDS was organised.
  • Slogan writing completion was organised.