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NCC Activities from Oct 2019 to Feb, 2020

12 Oct,2019

                Kabbadi Tournament were held at Jaipur University from 12-10-2019 to 14-10-2019 cadet Vinita of 2nd Year (HR/18/SWA/261067) participated and team got 3rd position.

31 Oct,2019

                Khel Mhakumbh were held at Rao Tula Ram Stadium, Rewari cadet Vinita participated in Kabbadi game with her team.

30 Oct,2019

                In the same (three day tournament) Khel Mhakumbh, Rao Tula Ram Stadium, Ritu, Kiran and Annu Rathi participated in Handball game and got 3rd position in it.

16 Nov,2019

                Youth Festival held at Indira Gandhi University, cadet Radhika D/O Fateh Singh participated in youth festival in following categories- Haryanvi Poem- 2nd position and hindi debate 2nd position.

20 Nov,2019

                Taekwando tournament held at Churiyawas. Cadet Shivani, Ct. Usha Kumari and Ct. Nidhi Kaushik got position in different weight categories-

                                                                                                Cadet Shivani – Silver Medal (in 48 weight category)

                                                                                                Cadet Usha Kumari – Gold ( 50 weight category)

                                                                                                Cadet Nidhi Kaushik – Silver (50 weight category)

                                                                                                Cadet Sunita Saini   - Silver (48 weight category)

26 Nov,2019

                Cadet Kiran participated in Nibandh lekhan.

12 Jan, 2020

Youth day was celebrated at Huda Chowk,Rewari Chief Guest Manohar Lal Khatar was the Chief Guest at the Marathon held at Rewari.


13 Jan,2020

                National Integration camp was held at  Rupnagar, Ropad, Punjab from 13 Jan,2020 to 24 Jan 2020. Two cadets participated in it.

  1. Cadet Muskan of 2nd year.
  2. Cadet Divya of final year.                                                                                                                                                        

* Cadet Muskan participated in Volleyball game.

* Muskan and Divya both participated in Tag of War and got 1st position in it.

 *Muskan and Divya both participated in Speech competition held at the camp.


22 Jan,2020

                Cadet Aarti Kashwa participated in Inter College Science Exhibition held at G.C.W. Rewari. She got 2nd position in it.

23 Jan,2020

                Cadet Radhika participated in Science Exhibition at district level.

23 Jan,2020

                Cadet Preeti Kumari participated in Botanical Garden activity held at clg.

24 Jan,2020

                Cadet Deepika D/O Brijmohan Sharma participated in Geography model exhibition, district level competition held at G.C.W.Rewari.

27 Jan 2020

                Annu Rathi participated in quiz competition.

28 Jan,2020

                 Legal literacy competition was held at college. Cadet Preeti Kumari, Cadet Neelam, Cadet Moni and cadet Aarti Kashwa participated in it.

30 Jan,2020

Practical of ‘B’ Certificate exam was held at 8HR BN Rewari.


31 Jan,2020

                Sports Meet held at G.C.W. Rewari.

  • Priyanshi, Shivani, Sunita, Durga and Disha participated in three leg race.
  • Priyanshi, Shivani, Sunita, Durga and Disha participated in 1500m race.
  • Ekta and Usha participated in Spoon race.
  • Puja & Ritu Kumari participated in Shotput.
  • Nidhi, Neha and kalpna participated in 200m race .
  • Annu, Neha and Muskan participated in marathon.
  • Neha and Muskan also did piloting for the Chief Guest.
  • All the first year cadets manage discipline related issue on the every day.
  • Ankita, Kalpna and Ritu Kumari participated in javelin throw competiton during sports meet.
  • Kiran Sharma participated in 1600m race on sports day competition.

2 Feb,2020

Written exam of ‘B’ Certificate was held at 8HR BN Rewari.


8 Feb,2020

                Basant Mahotsav held at G.C.W.Rewari

  • Jyoti participated in dance at basant mahotsva.
  • Shivani participated in debate & got 2nd position.
  • Nidhi and Puja participated in group discussion.
  • Kalpna, Vinita and Priya participated in poster making competiton.
  • Ankita, Jyoti and Neha participated in toy making competiton.
  • Cadet Shivani and Sunita participated in group discussion.
  • Cadet Usha Kumari participated in bhajan and geet and result is yet to be announced.
  • Cadet Yamini and Deepika participated in cartoon making competiton.
  • Cadet Neelam and Poonam participated in poem.
  • Cadet Deepika participated in Essay writing and hindi, haryanvi poems.
  • Cadet Priya and Neelam participated in solo song.
  • Cadet Annu Rathi Deepika participated in debates in Hindi and English languages.
  • Cadet Muskan participated in Haryanvi dance.
  • Cated Neha participated in Punjabi dance.
  • Cadet Ankita and Priya participated in Urdu Ghazal.
  • Radhika participated in Haryanvi poem Secoured 1st position and Hindi Debate 2nd position.

9 Feb,2020


Practical of ‘C’ Certificate exam was held at Rohtak group head quarter.

16 Feb,2020

Written exam of ‘C’ Certificate exam was held at Rohtak group head quarter.

17 Feb,2020

Cadet Usha Kumari, Nidhi participated in Intercollege Taekwando Trial.

18 Feb,2020

Cated Usha Kumari got selected in Inter University game Taekwando. She got silver medal in it.

22 Feb,2020

Kabbadi State Tournament held at G.C.W. Rewari, Vinita participated in it.

All NCC cadet managed discipline criteria when the tournament held in our college.

26 Feb,2020

Cadet Preeti Kumari (B.Sc. 2nd year), Deepika(B.A. 2nd year), Neelam(B.Sc. 2nd year) participated in slogan writing.

29 Feb,2020

C.O.Ajit Singh posting ceremony held at 8HRBN Aarti Kashwa and Neha did piloting.

1 March,2020

Zero discrimination day was celebrated at college.Preeti Kumari, Neha, Muskan, Annu Rathi and Deepika participated in it.



NCC Activities from Feb 2019 to Oct, 2019

18 Feb,2019         Basant Mahotsav celebrated in college . NCC cadets participated in various activities and following Cadets have attained the position in different activities.

  1. Muskan of B. A first year got Ist position in Rangoli.
  2. Deepika of B.Sc  got 2nd  Position in Speech competition, 3rd  in debate, 3rd  in quiz

3 Feb,2019

Legal literacy competition was held in college.

Deepika (HR/18/SW/261068) got 2nd  Position in quiz competition.

24 Feb,2019

Khabadi game were held at Fatehabad from 24/2/19 to 27/2/19. Vinit of 2nd  Year (HR/18/SW/261067) participated and team got the third position.

3 March,2019

In khabadi Competition at syvaraj Majra Vinita(HR/18/SW/261067) got Ist position as best Defender.

8 March,2019

On the occasion of women day NCC cadets participated in various activities like Slogan Writing, Paiting, Poster Making

Deepika, Preeti Kumari, Neelam first year cadets got 1st  ,2nd  , 3rd position respectively in slogan writing.
Neelam also got 1st position in painting

Ankita of 2nd year got 3rd position in poster making

2 April,2019 and 4 April,2019

8 cadets make practice of firing at Lisana for Competition.

5 April,2019

Following cadets were selected in firing team. Selection was made at Lisana polytechnic College.

  1. Annu Rathi (HR/18/SW/261080)
  2. Arti Kashwa(HR/18/SW/261071)
  3. Shallini       (HR/18/SW/261048)

29 August,2019

31 NCC cadets participated in live show of P.M Mr. Narender Modi on FIT INDIA MOVEMENT.

21 Sept,2019 to 30 sept,2019

Neha (HR/18/SW/261082) was selected and joined the  RDC camp Rohtak. And She was also selected for guard of Honour.

22 Sept,2019 to 31 sept,2019

Following 3 cadets were selected and joined ALC Malout

Annu Rathi(HR/18/SW/261080)

Arti Kashwa( HR/18/SW/261071)

Moni           (HR/18/SW/261078)

1 Oct,2019 to 10 Oct,2019

23 cadets joined ATC camp at Ghoshgarh, Gurugram Organsied by 5 HR Batalian. Our cadets got following position in camp

  1. Tug of War between GCW Rewari and DSD, Gurugram

GCW, Rewari got 1st position

  1. Priti cadet of final year got third position in firing completion
  2. Chanchal Sharma of Final year got 2nd position in Best Cadet performance in camp.
  3. 6 cadets selected and participated in guard of honor.

N.C.C. Activities during 2018-19

  1. 5 NCC Cadets participated in CATC Camp held at Pataudi (08/10/2018 to 17/10/2018).

Cadets scored following position in various competitions held at camp.

  1. In solo dance Gurpreet Kaur of B.A. IInd year HR/SW/16/261065 stood first.
  2. Rinki & Manisha stood IInd in Pilotating.


  1. 08/10/2018 – 3 NCC Cadets donated blood in blood donation camp held at GCW, Rewari.


  1. 13/10/2018 – 22/10/2018 – Four Cadets joined RDC selection camp at Rohtak.


  1. 09/11/2018 – 20/11/2018 – Two Cadets joined BLC camp held at Ropar.


  1. 28/10/2018 – In Youth Festival held at IGU, Manju off B.Com.-III year stood 2nd in Clay Modeling Competition.


  1. 29/10/2018 – College team of Handball in which Four NCC Cadets participated stood 2nd in Inter-college Competition held at Gurawara.


  1. 09/11/2018 – 20/11/2018 – 7 Cadets joined BLC Camp at Malout, Punjab.


  1. 07/01/2019 – 18/01/2019 – 2 Cadets joined NIC Camp at Guntur.


  1. 28/10/2018 – 31/10/2018 – 1 Cadet participated in Red Cross Camp held at GCW, Rewari


  1.  23/10/2018 – Radhika of B.Sc. IInd year participated in Speech Competition held at GCW, Rewari & stood third.


  1.  Neha of First year as volleyball team member of College team played in following competition:
  1. 21-23 October – Khel Mahakhumbh, Rao Tularam Stadium, Rewari – Team Secured 1st position.
  2. 02-04 November – Open Games at Jhunjhunu – Team Secured 2nd position.
  3. 13-15 November – Karnal.


  1.  3 November – Sarita stood 3rd in All India University Shooting Championship held at Chandigarh.


  1.  16/01/2019 – 16 NCC Cadets made poster on Voters Day.


  1.  26/01/2019 – NCC Cadets participated in Republic Day parade.


  1.  30/01/2019 – Radhika Participated in speech competition held at GCW, Rewari on Co-operative Society’s importance.


  1.  30/01/2019 – NCC Cadets played a skit on “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”.


3rdFeb:- NCC “B” certificate exam held at Sainik School Rewari. Tweleve cadets of second year appeared for Practical and theory exam.

8th Feb:- 8 cadets appeared for “c” certificate practical exams at 8 HR BN NCC , Rewari.

10th Feb:- 8 cadets of final year appeared for “C” certificate theory exam at Sports stadium Rohtak.

18th Feb:-NCC cadets participated in BASANT UTSAV activities :- Speech, Poster Making, On the spot painting.

23 Feb:- NCC cadets participated in Speech Competition of legal Cell

24thFeb:- Vinita of NCC Participated in kabadi at Fatehabad. And team stood third

 27th Feb:-In Lisana  trial camp 8 cadets were selected for TSC camp.

3rdMarch:Vinita of NCC participated in kabadi at sabrajmajra and won the prize of best defender.

8thMarch:- Collage Making by NCC cadets on Women Empowerment.

15thMarch:- Students participated in poster making  competition and rally under poshanpakhwaraby Women Cell and secured following positions:-

Name                   Class                    Position               Activity

Deepika     B.A -1                   First                     Slogan writing

PreetiKumari       B.A-1                    Second                slogan Writing

Neelam                B.Sc-1                  Third                    Slogan Writing

Neelam                B.Sc-1                  Third                    Paiting

25thMarch:- NCC cadets participated in Drawing and poster making activities on “Rain Water Harvesting”