• Jul 08, 2020
  • 20:38 PM
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Principal Message

Dear Students, The main aim of education is all round development of students. Our college offers full opportunities to students to take part in sports and extra co-curricular activities. Reading makes a full man; speaking a ready man and writing makes him exact. Reading provides a man a fund of knowledge, store of wisdom and a treasure of experience – Great books fill our minds with noble thought. They enlarge our outlook on life. They awaken our souls. Grate books always correct outlook on life. So I advise the students to develop the habit of reading good books. A man fond of reading can never be companyless. The burden of cares and worries is off, if we busy our mind in some good book. Good Books sweep away all our doubts and superstitions. I do not expect my students to shut themselves up in the campus and keep glued to their books all the time. They should certainly take an intelligent interest in what is happening outside. They should keep themselves in touch with the current social, economic and political developments. In spite of all this, they should keep in mind that their sole aim is the acquisition of learning. This alone can equip them for the long battle of life. They should make the best use on their education. I advise my students to indulge themselves in hard labour so that they could touch great heights in their life. The students should channelize their energy to raise the banner of mother India high up in the sky. Dear students, punctuality is habit that provides man self-respect as well as respect well as respect and compliments from others. It pays rich dividends in life. Life is sure to become a hopeless wrack without punctuality. I advise my students to be truthful, loving, patient and helpful to their fellow human being. The students should be guided by the ideals of democracy, secularism. They should not be carried away by any dogmas and false ideologies. They should always bear in their minds the following words of swami Vivekananda; Awake arise and stop not, till the goal is reached. They should apply their heart and soul to their studies. I hope my students will adopt a positive and scientific attitude to the problems of life by following the right path of duty and honesty. Being a small rural collage and nestling in pollution free and serene ambience, spacious class rooms, well stoked library and modern up to date computer laboratories are a learner’s delight and make provision for holistic development in a stress free environments. The library is the real asset to this collage. The rich collection activities we reading help the students to prepare for various competitive examinations. Through co-curricular activities we encourage the students to develop their hidden talents. We at SMRJ Govt.Collage believe that education is a continuous and creative process. By means of proper direction and explain, good counseling encouragement and recognition of efforts, a student potential can be brought to the fore. Education to us means encouraging and empowering young minds, who can confidently express themselves. I wish for the happy & bright future of my students.