• Jul 08, 2020
  • 20:53 PM
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Principal Message

Welcome to Government College Narnaund, a novel institution that aims to establish and promote quality education in rural area. This website presents the college’s vision mission and conceptual framework along with the helpful information for students, future applicants and other visitors. This College provides common platform to flourish and blooming of every student without biasness of gender, caste, religion, area, and financial status. Our goal is to expose pupils to multiple disciplines to give them the opportunity to truly expose their academic interests so that they can make enlightened choices about their specialization. Besides a standards-based curriculum to support academic achievement, we strive to build character by encouraging students to take responsibility for their choices and actions through the participation in score of extracurricular activities. Our pedagogy emphasizes critical thinking and effective communication and we have committed to empower our students to think themselves and responsible, active and global citizens. Thanks