• Jun 19, 2018

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Transfers and Deputations Details

Date Transfers and Deputations Action
2018-06-18 Adjustment order of Sh. Yamin Khan, Clerk. Notice Dated 19.06.2018
2018-06-18 Deputation Order of Assistant Professor of Smt. Rekha Sharma dated 18-06-2018.
2018-06-15 Deputation order of Sm Ekta Sharma, Assistant Professor in English. Notice Dated 15.06.2018
2018-06-13 Regarding extend the deputation period of Seema Kumari Assistant/Associate Professor. Notice dated 13.06.2018
2018-06-11 Transfer Order of Sh. Ravinder Hooda, Principal (CDC), GCW Safidon to GC Alewa against Sh. Shamsher Singh, Principal (CDC). Notice Dated 11.06.2018
2018-06-08 Regarding transfer order of Dr. B.S. Kundu, Assistant Professor. Notice dated 08.06.2018
2018-06-07 Regarding deputation of Assistant/Associate Professor. Notice dated 07.06.2018
2018-06-04 Regarding deputation of Sh. Ram Bhagat, LA. Notice dated 04.06.2018
2018-06-04 Regarding additional charge to Principal (CDC). Notice dated 04.06.2018
2018-06-12 test
2018-05-23 Deputation Order of Clerk Smt. Radhey Shayam Yadav dated 23-05-2018
2018-05-23 Deputation order of Clerk Sh. Ajay Saroya dated 23-05-2018
2018-05-23 Deputation Order of Clerk Smt. Sangeeta dated 23-05-2018
2018-05-23 Deputation Order of Clerk Sh. Jagdish Kumar Dated 23-05-2018