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PRINCIPAL MESSAGE Dear students, you are a vast reservoir of talents and skills. These talents can be exploited and should be given a proper direction. When physical and mental energy is utilized properly then you will emerge as much stronger both physically and psychologically. This guidance will equip you with the ability to choose your preferred field of study.You must set a target for yourself and convert that blurred vision in to a concrete reality. This is an era of competitions at

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    minutes of meeting of principal 10.10.2018

    1.Recent direction given by ACS/ Higher Education Haryana was described. 2.instruction to student regarding election was described and sc nominee and girl nominee was selected by draw. secretary-SC candidate vice president -Girl candidate. 3.inform staff member to give attention of mentor ship 4.inform all member to organise all co-curicular activities after noon. 5. inform to start process for GeM registration. 6. Instruct Ext. Lecture to meet their class on time. 7.instruction for purchase of hard disk for E content. 8. teachers were advised to impart teachng through ppt. 9. Cultural Committeee will motivate students to prepare short documentary on any social issue. 10.inchage of science will conduct startup workshop. meeting was end to thanks to chair by Incharge - Sh. Rohit Kumar

    Extension lecture on improving concentration through meditation and enhancement of retention power by Om Shanti

    Lecture by Braham kumari Vishvavidyalay didi on improving concentration

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